“You oughta be in pictures….” And you are! Check out photos from our recent events!


April 2013

Cruising on the St. Johns River by George and Lisa Schott


June 2012

Give Kids the World Big Splash Bash Slideshow by George Schott

February 2012

Jimmy Buffett Concert Tailgate Party Slideshow by George Schott

January 2012

Fruitcakes in the Alley 2012 Slideshow by George Schott

January Phlocking with a Visit from the Villages PHC


June 2011

Virtual Trophy Case

January 2011

Mary Libbey’s Fruitcakes in the Alley Album Part 1

Mary Libbey’s Fruitcakes in the Alley Album Part 2

Suzanne Templin’s Back to Nature Workday Photos


October 2010

Mary Libbey’s TropStock Album

September 2010

Pam Waugh’s Adopt-a-Shore Album (sign-in required)

Mary Libbey’s September Phlocking Photos

August 2010

George Schott’s Give Kids the World “Big Splash Bash” Album

March 2010

Pam Waugh’s “Adopt-A-Shore” Photos


December 2009

George Schott’s Meeting of the Minds Photos

November 2009

Pam Waugh’s Adopt-A-Latitude Photos

September 2009

George Schott’s September Phlocking Album

April 2009

George Schott’s “Summerzcool 4/25/09 Tampa Tailgate Party” Album

February 2009

Pam Waugh’s “Give Kids The World” Album

Robert Sparks’ “Manatee Picnic” Photo Album (sign-in required)

January 2009

Pam Waugh’s “Last Supper Friday Photos


December 2008

Pam Waugh’s Christmas Party Photos

September 2008

Pam Waugh’s “Back to Nature” Photos

August 2008

Pam Waugh’s “Van Pelt’s Tiki Party” Photos

July 2008

Sue Biggs’ Volleyball Tournament Photos

Murrie Burk’s Volleyball Tournament Photos

Bruce Broulik’s Volleyball Tournament and T-Shirt Party Photos

June 2008

Pam Waugh’s “Adopt-A-Shore Photos

April 2008

Jackie Dorsey’s “Relay For Life” Photos

March 2008

Tammy Esser’s “St. Patrick’s Parade” Photos

Pam Waugh’s “Give Kids The World Landscape Day” Photos

Pam Waugh’s “March Phlocking” Photos

February 2008

Pam Waugh’s “Adopt-A-Latitude” Photos

Pam Waugh’s “Back To Nature” Photos

Tammy Esser’s “Manatee Picnic” Photos