Load up your kayak (or borrow one from your PHellow PHlockers) and join us as we ‘leave this world a little better than we found it’ by picking up what others have forgotten to take.  It’s a common sign in natural areas to ‘take only pictures and leave only footprints’.  Sadly, many people don’t pay attention and our creeks and waterways become littered with plastic wrap, empty bottles and cans, and other garbage that is both an eyesore to others enjoying nature and a danger to the animals that inhabit these areas.

PHCF meets quarterly at a local creek, lake or waterway to clean up the garbage along the banks.  If you have your own kayak, be sure to bring it, along with a paddle (don’t want to be up the creek without one), a life vest, and a whistle (this is a Coast Guard requirement).  If you don’t have a kayak, several of our PHlock have more than one and would be happy to share.

Watch our calendar and your PHlockmail for the next Adopt-a-Creek date and location, or contact Chair Parrot Terry Clark for more details.