Over 25 Years of Partying with a Purpose!

Welcome to the Parrot Heads of Central Florida, based in Orlando, FL and serving the Greater Orlando area!

Latest PHCF News


  • There were 76 of our PHellow PHlock that attended this year’s Annual Fall Family Picnic hosted by Tom and Michelle Czapleski. Capt’n Josh and Banjody entertained our ears while we ate, visited, and competed in the pool volleyball game. Thank you to the Czapleski’s for opening their home for us all to have such a PHun day!!
  • $259.00 of Raffle Table proceeds raised during the October PHlocking will be going to … (read more…)

A Quick Word from your President:

Can you even believe this?!? We are ALREADY at the very last PHlocking of 2018!! Many of you will ask just where has this year has gone to, but once I remind you of how much PHCF has accomplished this year, you’ll know precisely where the time went — you have donated countless hours to ensuring we are ‘leaving this world a little better than we found it’, you have … (read more…)

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Upcoming PHlocking Information!

As most of you know, our normal PHlocking location has closed, and we are on the search for a new spot to perch beginning in January 2019.  If you would like to be on the committee or have suggestions of venues for us to look into, please reach out to Amy at amybuchanan10@gmail.com.

Time:  7:00 PM
PHirst PHriday of Most Months

Lucky Stars for This Month

Recipient: Suggestions needed for 2019

Prior to each month’s PHlocking, we select an organization to be the beneficiary of the Lucky Stars drive.  PHlock members are then requested to bring the donated items to the PHlocking for collection.  All donated items are taken to the recipient organization by the sponsoring PHlock member(s).  If you have an organization you’d like to sponsor for our Lucky Stars, please send an email to the Keeper of the PHlock, Ray Wortley, at raywortley@mac.com.

Lucky Stars is a charitable program named after Jimmy Buffett’s tune “Lucky Stars”.  It reminds us that even though we all have problems and adversity, we have much to be thankful for and there are always others in great need that we can help!

“I got a roof over my head;
Someone to love me in a four-poster bed,
and I can play this here guitar and
Thank my lucky stars!”

Raffle Table For This Month

Recipient: Suggestions needed for 2019

As part of our mission to ‘Party with a Purpose’, each month we select an organization or beneficiary for the PHlocking Raffle Table.  We count on YOU, our members in good standing, to make recommendations on recipients and coordinate the table. The Council is always in need of individuals to sponsor the monthly PHlocking Raffle Table.  If you have an organization that you’d like to help, please send an email to the Keeper of the PHlock, Ray Wortley, at raywortley@mac.com.

Thank You’s from our Charities

This letter is to acknowledge and thank you for your generous donation to Big Cat Rescue on 9/14/18.  Your contribution has helped us provide a better home for these magnificent and deserving animals.

On behalf of the cats, thank you very, very much!

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