Kayak Picnic

Annual Summer Kayak PicnicKayak
Kelly Park East in Merritt Island
The Annual Summer Kayak Picnic is a great PHamily PHriendly event.  We have food, fun, music and activities for both adults and keets.
PHCF provides the cups, plates, silverware, napkins, condiments, hamburgers, and hot dogs while you to bring a favorite covered dish of yours (with something in it) to share with everyone.  And, here is just an another PHun incentive to join us: if you should want one, this park does allow us to bring adult beverages, so long as they are consumed responsibly at the Pavilion only.
At dark, we will be heading out for some Bioluminescent Kayaking!!!  Here’s what it is and how it works: Bioluminescence is light produced by a chemical reaction within a living organisms.  As it starts to gets dark, you will slowly begin to see the swirls from your paddles producing a glow in the water that is caused by those living lights in the water. You can see almost everything in the water, from schools of darting fish to possibly catching a glimpse of some manatee and dolphins.  Even the flow of water over the sea grass generates a ghostly bioluminescent radiance and every movement produces a beautiful blue-green glowing light.  As you paddle, you will experience the brilliant wave pattern that forms as the kayaks slice through the water.  If you stroke your hand through the water, your skin will even be covered with a green flashing glitter!