About Us

PHCF at Black Hammock 2011


So, you’re interested in joining PHCF? Fantastic! While our name may ring a bell with you, just in case it doesn’t, we are the “people your parents warned you about”!! We are a strange group known for dressing in outrageous tropical styles and wearing funny hats and lei’s whenever Jimmy Buffett comes anywhere near Orlando. And while Jimmy Buffett’s music and the Parrot Head lifestyle is part of the reason we exist, it’s not the WHOLE reason!

We are a not-for-profit organization with deep ties to the needs of the Central Florida community, and our main interest is giving back (and, of course, having a good time doing it!)

We certainly enjoy the lifestyle Jimmy sings about in his songs, but we also take to heart his desire that each chartered club, within the international boundaries of Parrot Heads in Paradise (PHiP), fulfill needs within their respective local communities through charitable and community service volunteer work.

We are a social organization for singles, couples and phamilies and encourage our children (affectionately referred to as ‘keets) to get involved in community service at an early age and help us leave this place “a little better than we found it”. Our members include representatives from a wide variety of employment backgrounds and age groups.

Since our inception in 1992, our Club has been involved in countless hours of volunteer work and donated countless dollars and goods for a variety of beneficiaries. The list includes the Arthritis Foundation, the American Cancer Society, Give Kids The World, Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge, the Russell Home, March of Dimes, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and more! We clean beaches and highways through our Adopt-a-Latitude and Adopt-a-Shore programs. We donate all kinds of materials, from school supplies to holiday gifts, to children and others in need through our Lucky Stars program.

Remember the part about having a good time while giving back to the community? That’s the essence of “Party with a Purpose”! We make sure no social event is held without a deserving beneficiary, and likewise, no good deed goes without a party immediately following!

Social activities range from our monthly PHlockings held at Friendly Confines in south Orlando (usually 7:00 pm on the first Friday of every month), to picnics, sand volleyball, monthly dinner parties at area restaurants, and more.

Annual dues for Singles are $30 and $40 for Families. You can join online (PayPal convenience fees apply) or download and print the application (fill and sign both sides!), and mail it to our Membership Occifer with a check made out to “PHCF” for the appropriate dues at the address on the application. We will confirm your membership via email.

We’d LOVE to add you to our list of Phaithful Phlockers!