Lucky Stars

All About Our Lucky Stars Program!

“I got a roof over my head;
Someone to love me in a four-poster bed,
and I can play this here guitar and
Thank my lucky stars!”

Lucky Stars is a charitable program named after Jimmy Buffett’s tune “Lucky Stars”. It reminds us that even though we all have problems and adversity, we have much to be thankful for. And that there are always others in great need that we can help!

This monthly program benefits one of several local charities that we support. The beneficiaries are normally recommended by any member in good standing, and each month Club members are requested to bring the donated items to the monthly PHlockings for collection by the recommending members/sponsors.

The Council is always in need of individuals to sponsor the monthly PHlocking Lucky Stars, and sponsoring is very easy!  If you have an organization you’d like to sponsor for our Lucky Stars, please reach out to the Keeper of the PHlock.

Thank you’s from our charities: