Thank You page from our charities

Below are letters and thank you’s we have received back from the charities we support:

We here at HOPE Helps would like to sincerely thank you for donating $105 in gift cards and $100 in monetary donations for the 2018 Christmas in the City event, held on December 15th. Thanks to your support we were able to provide nearly 300 registered families with everything they need to celebrate a joyous holiday season.

Hundreds of children received jeans, socks, underwear, toys, gift cards, stocking stuffers, school supplies, hot food, and holiday meals to those who registered. The families also received a free family portrait and enjoyed a day of festivities including live entertainment, face painting, train rides and visits with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Thank you so much for helping to make this day special for those in our community who need it the most. We are forever grateful for your participation and for your continued support.

Dear Friends of HOPE!

A very special thank you for your participation in helping serve those in need through HOPE in 2018. We are truly blessed by your gifts that allow us to continue on our mission of preventing homelessness. As we end our 11th year of serving those in crisis in our community, on behalf of everyone at HOPE I want to say a special thank you from our HOPE family to yours!

Thank you for joining us in 2018 to help better serve those in need. Because of your support, goals we set for 2018 become reality. In addition to serving thousands of individuals and keeping hundreds of families in their home (preventing homelessness through financial assistance and food), in our new space we were able to provide or partner with other agencies to provide the following classes on-site:

  • Financial Literacy – Budget and Savings Classes hosted by HOPE
  • Resource Fair at HOPE that included Oviedo Medical Research, DCF/ACCESS, UCF Marriage and Family Institute, UF/EFNEP, and Fall into Fabulous
  • Computer Class – Basic Skills, hosted by Paradigm IT
  • University of Florida Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Class (in 2019 to include English and Hispanic sessions)
  • Employment Classes – Partnering with Goodwill
  • Health Services – Partnering with WellCare and Florida Blue
  • Providing job opportunities for those seeking employment – partnering with Veritas Employment

Thank you again for your support in 2018.

This letter is to acknowledge and thank you for your generous donation to Big Cat Rescue on 9/14/18.  Your contribution has helped us provide a better home for these magnificent and deserving animals.

On behalf of the cats, thank you very, very much!

We received this handmade card from the teachers and kids at the Pershing-Pine Castle Elementary School.  Your donations do make a difference; THANK YOU for leaving this world a little better than you found it!

Dear Parrot Heads of Central Florida,

I would like to share a portion of our July blog written on our website by Pam, our Employee Liaison.

Each month our employees vote on who they want to see as their “employee of the month.”  Although they all are so deserving I want to tell you about another very special award that is given out by the Russell Home, “The Grandma Russell Spirit Award.”

The Grandma Russell Spirit Award is only given out on a rare occasion when we feel it is very well earned and deserved.  Although we believe all our employees are amazing I want to tell you about who and why these exceptional employees were chosen for this award.

To be honored with the Grandma Russell Spirit Award they must show unconditional love with a smile, selflessness and joy while caring for each resident within the Russell Home.  They consistently go beyond the call of duty and lovingly tackle all that is asked each day.  Their names are engraved on a plaque hanging in the front entrance of the home!

Next time you visit the Russell Home thank your staff, being told you’re appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting things you can hear.  This award has only been given out eight times in four years!  Your gift to the Russell Home helps us continue to honor all our caregivers and other staff for the amazing jobs they do every day!  Thank you for your kind donation.

Thank you for your donation to the Hope Helps Food Pantry.  Because of you, Luke and his son are able to eat while going through a difficult time.  With your support, Luke and hundreds of other clients like him will receive the food they need during a time of crisis.  We appreciate your support and commitment to helping those in need.

Thank you for recommending Hope Helps to the Parrot Heads of Central Florida.  We received their donation on June 18.  Because of you, Luke and his son were able to eat during a time of crisis.  We appreciate your support and look forward to you volunteering with us.

Thank you for providing food for Luke and his son while they are going through a difficult time.  Because of you, they are able to eat while working to return to self-sufficiency.  Your donation, at the recommendation of Tammy Esser, was received on June 18 and will help support Luke, and other clients like him, during a time of crisis.  We are grateful for your generosity.


Thank you for your organization’s donation of $280 to the Coral Restoration Foundation.  We are grateful for your continued support of our mission to restore and protect coral reefs around the world!

CRF is engaged in the world’s largest restoration effort.  Headquartered in Key Largo, Florida, CRF oversees restoration projects throughout South Florida, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

This is an exciting time at CRF as we enter the second year of our grant with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  We will select, outplant and monitor 50,000 coral colonies on eight unique reef sites along the coast of the Keys, in an unprecedented approach to coral restoration.  Our goals are ambitious and exciting, and to achieve our vision, we are researching innovative new ways to restore our reefs to healthy, thriving ecosystems.  CRF is creating hope for coral reefs!

We are using a multi-pronged attempt to save our reefs, with our education and science programs attempting to spread our call to action as wide as possible! We are exploring new partnerships and programs that will allow us to inspire people to action.  For more information on how these programs can help you make a difference, and to stay informed on the latest CRF news, consider signing up for our newsletter, Coral Chronicles, at

Thank you, again, for your generous support!

I am writing to express Save the Manatee Club’s heartfelt gratitude for your support of defenseless manatees and our organization’s mission to protect them.  Your gift of $491.00 to Save the Manatee Club’s Unrestricted Donation Fund received on 5/11/18 allows us to continue being your voice for manatees as we fight to keep them safe in the face of grave dangers.

The enduring kindness of PHCs across the world continues to have a powerful impact on our ability to stand strong for manatees.  Your compassion helps to strengthen our resolve as we confront the challenges before us.  With your help, we continue to educate people of all ages around the world about manatees and the need to safeguard them just as strongly and strategically as we have for the last 37 years.  In addition, your financial support assists us in solidifying our organization’s programs as we prepare for what we anticipate to be a formidable future.

We are deeply appreciative for all you do to see manatee lives protected and saved.  Once again, thank you from all of us at Save the Manatee Club.  As always, please let me know if there is anything we might do for you.

I would not be able to provide the supplies that are needed for my students to be successful without A Gift for Teaching.  Thank you!”  These words came from one of the many teachers we serve at A Gift for Teaching (AGFT) and reflect the thoughts of so many who shop at our Free Store.

Thank you and the Parrot Heads of Central Florida for investing in our community’s teachers and students by making a donation of $40, raised at your May Phlocking meeting, in support of A Gift for Teaching.

As the number of students in need in Central Florida continues to rise past 216,000, your support at this time is more critical than ever.  In the aftermath of the 2017 hurricane season, Central Florida students and families find themselves in a number of unique and potentially devastating situations.  Many have sustained damage to their homes and belongings in the wake of Hurricane Irma, and are unable to replace school supplies lost in the natural disaster.  Hundreds, and potentially thousands of children and families are also relocating to Central Florida from Puerto Rico with nothing but the clothing on their backs after being displaced by Hurricane Maria.

A Gift for Teaching, Central Florida’s primary provider of free school supplies, is committed to helping affected families and new arrivals adjust to their new circumstances.  Though we may not be able to repair their homes or replace objects of sentimental value, your support will help us make sure all of our new and returning students have the supplies they need to succeed!

On behalf of Central Florida’s teachers and students, we thank you for your generous commitment to A Gift for Teaching.

Thank you for partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida to feed your neighbors in need!

Your generous gift of $35.00 received on 4/3/2018 is already providing food to feed children, food to provide energy and strength to seniors, and food to sustain families for another day.  It is tragic that hundreds of thousands of people live in food-insecure households in Central Florida.  Children go to bed hungry, seniors choose between food and medicine, and parents skip meals to feed their children.  Your support increases the amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food items that so many families need.

We appreciate your partnership and commitment to ending hunger.  We’re very proud to share with you that continues to rate Second Harvest Food Bank with their highest rating of four stars for financial health, accountability, and transparency.  The efficiency of our operation allows  your gift to be multiplied many times over when it comes to helping others.

We hope you feel good about the impact you are making on hunger relief here in our community.  If you would like to learn more about the incredible way that your gift is making a difference, I encourage you to schedule a personal tour of our facility or visit us online at

Together we are changing lives in a positive way.  Thank you again!