Welcome to the Parrot Heads of Central Florida, based in Orlando, FL and serving the Greater Orlando area!

Our October Next to the Last Last Supper PHriday took us to a new Mexican Restaurant in Altamonte Springs….

We knew this was going to be our type of restaurant when we saw one of our own was a permanent resident.

Our tables were waiting and all was quiet … for a while.

It wasn’t long before we were having them add tables and there were more folks still on their way.

One thing led to another and 15 of the 32 PHolks in attendance went back to Lou and Pat’s for an after party.

Believe that it’s fair to say a good time was had by all.

2021 PHlockings – Check out the PHun

Latest PHCF News

In October our Operating Principals place a few requirements on us.

  • October is the month when we ask for Officer Nominations.
    All offices are open for nomination accept for Treasurer and Membership.
    Only PHrequent PHlockers can nominate or accept a nomination for office.
    Nominations should be sent to President@phcf.com.
  • October is the month that we call for Annual Membership Renewals.
    Click here to renew your membership and pay your 2022 Dues.
  • This October we also announced our 2021 General Meeting to be held on November 20th.
    Details are available in our PHCF Calendar.

Check your PHlockmail for more information on these and other events of interest.

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Thank You’s from our Charities

We greatly appreciate your participation and your very generous contribution to the Nemours Holiday Golf Classic which was held on December 6, 2019. With your help, we raised more than $73,000 and every dollar directly benefits the children and families at the Jennifer Lynn Schott Childhood Arthritis Clinic at Nemours Children’s Hospital. Thank you, as we are extremely grateful!

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