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Celebrating 25 Years of Partying with a Purpose!

Welcome to the Parrot Heads of Central Florida, based in Orlando, FL and serving the Greater Orlando area!

Upcoming Phlocking  Information!

Location:  Friendly Confines
4757 S Orange Ave, Orlando

Time:  7:00 PM,
Friday, September 1, 2017

Jimi Pappas

Theme:  Football

Lucky Stars for This Month

Recipient:  Orange County Animal Services

Their Immediate Needs are: Pet beds, Pet toys, Ziplock bags, Grooming supplies, Newspaper, Spray bottles, Dolly carts, Pet treats, Wet pet food, Cat litter, Blankets Towels

They also have an amazon Wish list: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/M66XBWL4L8ZY/ref=cm_go_nav_hz

For more information, visit their website at Click Here.

Sponsor: Jackie Dorsey

Raffle Table For This Month

Recipient:  Virtual FITA 2018

In light of recent learnings, there will be no FITA in January 2018. I’d like to start helping raise $$$ for the virtual FITA!

For more information about FITA, please visit: http://fruitcakesinthealley.com/

Sponsor: Megan Oberlin

Thank You’s from our Charities


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Quick Facts About the Good Parrot Head Clubs Do!

PHCF Contributions to Local Charities in Central Florida

2014: $38,212 Raised and 5,986 Volunteer Hours for the year 2013: $39,138 Raised and 6,003 Volunteer Hours for the year 2012: $52,867 Raised and 9,114 Volunteer Hours for the year 2011: $42,866 Raised and 9,645 Volunteer Hours for the year

PHiP Chapter Contributions to Local and National Charities

2014:  Over 3.3 Million Dollars and 372,000 Volunteer Hours

2013:  Over 4.1 Million Dollars and  77,738 Volunteer Hours

2012:  Over 3.5 Million Dollars and 193,000 Volunteer Hours

2011:  Over 4.1 Million Dollars and 194,000 Volunteer Hours

source: phip.com

FITA Check Presentation

From the Arthritis Foundation: Party with a purpose! The Parrot Heads of Central Florida are a not-for-profit organization with deep ties to the needs of the Central Florida community. Their main interest is giving back and, of course, having a good time doing it! Read more on the Arthritis Foundation’s Website…