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Celebrating 22 Years of Partying with a Purpose!

Welcome to the Parrot Heads of Central Florida, based in Orlando, FL and serving the Greater Orlando area!

Upcoming Phlocking  Information!

Location:  Friendly Confines

Time:  7:00 PM, Friday, September 9, 2016

Entertainment:   deciBel

deciBel: We Rock Your Party!


Theme:  Football

Lucky Stars for This Month

Recipient:  Pet Alliance
Pet Alliance has a dedicated focus on the welfare and wellbeing of animals in Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties in Central Florida.  As the “go to” experts in Greater Orlando, we do good things for dogs and cats and the people who love them.  Our goal is to provide compassionate and knowledgeable services for pets and to be leaders in innovative animal care and veterinary medicine. – See more at: www.petallianceorlando.org.  I  personally use their veterinary services for my four kitties.

Sponsor:  Pam and Rich Hausle

Items Needed:
Non-clumping cat litter
Gently new or used bath towels
Dry cat and dog food
Cat and dog treats
Laundry detergent – liquid or powder
Peanut butter
Canned tuna and chicken
Small paper plates, yarn, tape, feathers to make cat toys
Large plastic containers like Gladware
Puppy training pads

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Raffle Table For This Month

Recipient:  TBD

Sponsor:  TBD

Thank You’s from our Charities


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Quick Facts About the Good Parrot Head Clubs Do!

PHCF Contributions to Local Charities in Central Florida

2014: $38,212 Raised and 5,986 Volunteer Hours for the year 2013: $39,138 Raised and 6,003 Volunteer Hours for the year 2012: $52,867 Raised and 9,114 Volunteer Hours for the year 2011: $42,866 Raised and 9,645 Volunteer Hours for the year

PHiP Chapter Contributions to Local and National Charities

2014:  Over 3.3 Million Dollars and 372,000 Volunteer Hours

2013:  Over 4.1 Million Dollars and  77,738 Volunteer Hours

2012:  Over 3.5 Million Dollars and 193,000 Volunteer Hours

2011:  Over 4.1 Million Dollars and 194,000 Volunteer Hours

source: phip.com

FITA Check Presentation

From the Arthritis Foundation: Party with a purpose! The Parrot Heads of Central Florida are a not-for-profit organization with deep ties to the needs of the Central Florida community. Their main interest is giving back and, of course, having a good time doing it! Read more on the Arthritis Foundation’s Website…