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  • June’s Adopt-a-Latitude was a lot of PHun with plenty PHlock Members ‘leaving the world a little better than we found it’
  • $280.00 of Raffle Table proceeds raised at the June PHlocking are going to Coral Restoration!!
  • 10 Volunteers attended the Florida Hospital Watermelon 5K on July 4th – what an amazing cause, and a PHantastic time was had by all!!
  • Be sure to purchase your SPECIAL RAFFLE tickets for the chance to win a KAYAK!! Remember that the opp … (read more…)

A quick word from your President:

I’d like to give a special ‘thank you’ to each of you that woke up very (VERY) early to attend the Florida Hospital Waterman 5K on July 4th!! Each volunteer had a wonderful time working alongside Track Shack for this amazing cause. This was a truly rewarding event to have been a part of.

June’s Adopt-a-Latitude was really well-attended, despite the summer heat, and we certainly found lots (and lots) of trash. Kud … (read more…)

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Upcoming PHlocking Information!

As we celebrate our nation’s freedom, we honor the courageous men and women dedicated to preserving it. 

Join us for a red, white and blue Phlocking as we celebrate our nation’s 242th birthday.

Don’t forget, this is your last chance to buy tickets to win a new kayak you can use at the summer picnic.  The drawing will take place at the Phlocking!  Click here to get your tickets.

Location:  Friendly Confines
4757 S Orange Ave, Orlando

Time:  7:00 PM,
Friday, July 6, 2018

Jimi Pappas

Lucky Stars for This Month

Recipient: Russell Home for Atypical Children

The Russell Home for Atypical Children has been in continuous operation for over 60 years with no government support.  The Home is the only private, non-profit facility of its kind for severely disabled children in Central Florida.  The Russell Home provides around the clock specialized care, with love and a home-like atmosphere and encourages every child to develop to his or her highest potential.

The Russell Home is currently in need of the following supplies.  Please bring what you can or provide a donation which they can use to purchase these items in bulk.

Cooking supplies – brown sugar, olive oil, PAM cooking spray
Condiments – mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, ranch dressing
Staples – cream of mushroom or chicken soup, elbow macaroni, beef or chicken broth
Snacks – pudding, canned fruit, plain potato chips
Breakfast foods – Pop Tarts, cereal
Drinks – Crystal Light, tea, coffee
Hygiene supplies – mouthwash, body wash, razors
Others – aluminum foil, plastic forks and spoons, trash bags

Sponsor: Amy Huttunen

Raffle Table For This Month

Recipient: Sea Oats Planting

Those plants with the large plumes you see along the beach may look like weeds, but they are a vital part of the ecosystem. Sea oats play an important role in coastal conservation.  That’s why PHCF is raising money to buy sea oats to plant on our favorite beach to better protect them from hurricanes and beach erosion.

Sea oats are actually a miraculous little production plant, and there’s a whole lot more going on than those plumes you see on the surface. They have a massive root system capable of holding soil and sand in place during extreme weather like hurricanes and tropical storms.

The sand that collects around the plant actually stimulates its growth. The cycle of sand collection and plant growth facilitates expansion of the sea oats and the sand dunes. If a sea oat is buried by the sand, it develops an underground stem system that grows to the surface and produces another plant.

Sea oat leaves and stems also trap wind-blown sand. That increases the size of the dunes, too. Of course, sand dunes also help protect the coast from erosion during high winds and storm surges.

Sponsor: Ray Wortley

Thank You’s from our Charities

I am writing to express Save the Manatee Club’s heartfelt gratitude for your support of defenseless manatees and our organization’s mission to protect them.  Your gift of $491.00 to Save the Manatee Club’s Unrestricted Donation Fund received on 5/11/18 allows us to continue being your voice for manatees as we fight to keep them safe in the face of grave dangers.

The enduring kindness of PHCs across the world continues to have a powerful impact on our ability to stand strong for manatees.  Your compassion helps to strengthen our resolve as we confront the challenges before us.  With your help, we continue to educate people of all ages around the world about manatees and the need to safeguard them just as strongly and strategically as we have for the last 37 years.  In addition, your financial support assists us in solidifying our organization’s programs as we prepare for what we anticipate to be a formidable future.

We are deeply appreciative for all you do to see manatee lives protected and saved.  Once again, thank you from all of us at Save the Manatee Club.  As always, please let me know if there is anything we might do for you.

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