Nov 11

November 20, 2011
Council of Pheathers/General Meeting
Location: Jim and Nancy VanPelt’s home
Respectfully submitted by: Laurie Ramsteck

In Attendance:
President Lisa Schott, George Schott, Secretary Laurie Ramsteck, Josh Ramsteck, Vice President Bruce Broulik, Keeper of the Phlock Tammy Esser, Chuck Esser, Lou Perkins, Pat Perkins, Jim Thomas, Joe DiLuzio, Communications Occifer Mary Libbey, Membership Occifer Amy Buchanan, Terry Clark, Jim VanPelt, Nancy VanPelt, Sonia Bayne, Executive Occifer Jackie Dorsey, Marti Melton, Pam Waugh, Randy Waugh, Jeanette Freeman, Vicki Teague, Tim Wagner, Rich Kimmel, Linda Taylor, Ron Bradley, Donna Bradley

Lisa Schott called the meeting to order at 3pm.

All Occifers deferred reports until December so that the Annual/General Meeting will commence.

President Lisa Schott gave a State of the Phlock report.

Tammy Esser gave an update on our Christmas Party.

Mary Libbey gave an update on the Jingle Bell run.

Council meeting adjourned and the General Meeting began at 4:00pm.