Mar 18

Event: Council of Pheathers Meeting – March  

Date: March 16th, 2018

6:35pm Council Meeting Call to Order

  • Absentees: Amy Tatum (Gregg T proxy)
  • Member Advocates: Dave McVeigh, Rich Stawick, Gregg Templin
  • Club Visitors: Jay Wortley (Ray’s brother)

8:28pm Meeting Adjourned


  • Sent out revised February Minutes
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Debbie
    • Ray

Treasurer/Keeper of the Booty

  • Sent out the March 2018 report – need to send back out Monday there was some date errors
  • Discussing renewals/$$$ that has come in
  • Budget Discussion
    • Consists of musicians, raffle, licensing, manatee picnic
    • For this year we need to have a planning session to consolidate a budget plan officially. As of right now this is a spending plan for 2018.
    • Discussing the Christmas Party – this is the finance team’s recommendation
    • Was able to take out the $100 for Theft Insurance (Next year it will come back in)
      • Suzanne made a motion and Terry Clark seconded the motion to accept the Budget with the Christmas Party
    • Income
      • Terry is discussing that the Membership has been driving income for the past few years
    • Motions to Accept:
      • Megan
      • Terry

Membership Occifer

  • Jackie has formally resigned as of 3/16.
  • Terry Clark has declined the position.
  • We have passed the information onto the Elections Occifer to help facilitate this information
    • By 3/31
    • Position is vacant, we are looking for nominees
  • Several memberships inquiries have been made, a membership audit was performed:
    • Amy is going to email all the folks that have appeared to have not renewed
  • Amy is making a motion that we have requested Dave to help us facilitate the election of the new Occifer (Gregg second)

Keeper of the Phlock

  • April Phlocking 2018
    • Date: April 6th, 2018
    • Entertainment: Capt’n Josh
    • Theme: April PHools
    • Raffle Table/Lucky Stars:
      • Raffle Table – Ray Wortley – Parrot Heads of Central Florida
      • Lucky Stars – Connie Caines – Oasis Homeless Walk In Center
  • Motions to Accept
    • Suzanne
    • Dave

Communications Occifers/Coconut Telegraphers

  • Kari formally resigned
  • Gregg (Amy) is the proxy, report was emailed prior to the meeting
  • The website is in great shape, Amy is doing a wonderful job!
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Debbie
    • Ray

Executive Occifer

  • We still have stuff!
  • Missing some Margaritaville shirts
  • Motion to accept:
    • Suzanne
    • Ray

Vice President

  • No report

Member Advocates

  • A member proposed that we consider not allowing Keets at the Phlocking
  • Club motioned to continue keeping Keets we are a Family Club!
    • Unanimous decision 🙂


  • Amy will get with Amy to confirm the venue for next month
    • Friday the 13th
  • March was an excellent Phlocking, and a very good example of how the nights should be run
  • Email needs to be made a priority
  • Motions to accept:
    • Megan
    • Gregg

Old Bidness

  • Terry:
    • Great turnout at Adopt-A-Shore
    • We had a ton of fun, and everyone is appreciated! 45 People showed up!
    • Summer Picnic
      • Space Coast agreed to pay half of the expenses
      • Terry obtained a Kayak and he would like to raffle this off for expenses
      • Terry also working on a chair for the membership drive
  • Megan/Amy:
    • IOA Corporate 5K Beer Pour – Thursday, April 12th
      • We are getting $20 a person
  • Christmas Party:
    • It sounds like **BYOB** is preferred
      • Jim Caines Condo?
      • 100-120
    • Amy/Megan are still researching options
    • Chair position still open

New Bidness

  • Tailgate
    • Megan/Patricia discussed about potentially using Friendly Confines
      • Committee decided this is too far away
    • Amy is trying to discuss throughout the Tailgate Committee
      • Jeff Dubey is trying to potentially coordinate the entire section once we know where everyone is parking

8:28pm Council Meeting Adjourned (Amy motioned, Gregg seconded)