Jan 18

Event: Council of Pheathers Meeting

Date: January 12th, 2018

6:46pm Council Meeting Call to Order
Absentees: NONE 🙂
Member Advocates: Rich, Dave, Gregg
Club Visitors: Jim Piastuch
9:00pm Meeting Adjourned

Secretary/Scribe (Now Megan Oberlin)
• Sent out December notes on Jan 10th – team accepts
• Megan to send Amy T the Nov/Dec approved notes for the website
• Motions to Accept:
o Ray
o Kari

Treasurer/Keeper of the Booty (Now Debbie)
• $2554.05 current balance
• Decided to keep Regions FITA account open
• Debbie checking in on outstanding checks that have not been cleared
o Megan to double check her account
• Megan reviewed the statement in today’s meeting, in the future Debbie to send out early prior to sharing with the group
o (Secretary is supposed to review the Treasurer’s statements)
• Ray has an address for Debbie for Coral Reef for the last Phlocking $$ raised
• Discussion of budget reduction for the Pig Roast
o Suzanne has made a motion that Amy is going to call Lou to get clarifications (on the status of bookings/commitments & Lou’s intent to $400)
§ IF he has already committed the $$, we are going to suggest that the $400 from last year be allocated for this year
§ IF he has not committed, we are going to suggest $200 this year
§ & in the future, he is come to a council meeting with a budget proposal request
• Motion to Accept:
o Megan
o Ray/Terry
• Motions to Accept
o Terry
o Jackie

Membership Occifer (Jackie Dorsey)
• Total: 363 members (As of December 31st, 2017)
o Not everyone is current on their payments
• We voted on keeping the following honorary members:
o Pete & Jennifer Christensen
o Collen & Kevin Karcher
o The DeCosa Family
o Kristy Harrington
o Dee & Jody Jones
o Rich & Jennifer McGuire
o Jimi & Shelley Pappas
o Captain Josh & Laurie Ramsteck
o Jason & Sally Webb
o Jim Schlegel
o JD Spradlin
o Jim Hannigan
• Open discussion on Honorary members voting rights for a future meeting
o Currently they are able to vote in the election
• Six Occifers inducted at the Jan 18 Phlocking
• 74 Attendees at the January 2018
• Dave McCulley $5 door prize
• Motion:
o Megan
o Ray

Keeper of the Phlock (Ray Wortley)
• Discussion of Lucky Stars incentivizing
o Open food for thought for a future discussion
• Feb Phlocking 2018
o Date: Feb 2nd
o Entertainment: Rich Schooner
o Theme: Super Bowl
o Raffle Table/Lucky Stars: Erica & Open
§ BASE CAMP – Raffle
§ Lucky Stars – OPEN (Megan send out a Mailchimp)
• Organizing end of the year report documentation for Amy
o Waiting on some Chair Parrots to respond with names/dates
• Documentation for Keeper responsibilities has been organized for Ray
o Ray/Megan meeting before council meetings & p
Communications Occifers/Coconut Telegraphers (Kari & Amy T)
• Kari says we all good 🙂
• Amy T doing an awesome job trying to tidy up things on the website
o Discussion of the website updates
o Motioned was proposed by Amy/Ray to consolidate the Lucky Stars into one general area
• Megan forwarded the 2018 calendar to Amy T so she could update the website
• Amy Clark to give Amy T the final hours after parrot points have been updated
• Amy T will reach out to Mary Libbey to see where she is
• Email Amy T a new photo if you want it updated or if you are a new Occifer
• Admins of FB – Kari, Jackie, Amy T
o Amy Clark is going to go in and clean up FB admin permissions & she will let us know at the next meeting who the admins are
• Amy T is going to check on the email organization
o Setup a contactus@phcf.com to direct to Kari & Amy T
• Motions to Accept:
o Jackie
o Suzanne

Executive Occifer (Terry Clark)
• Thanking everyone for being so enthusiastic and folks working together as a team
• Still needing a few items from Amy Walker for the XO role
• Need more sponsorships
o Working through Margaritaville sponsorships for this year
o Terry already has a bunch of SWAG stuff that can be used for incentives
• Motions to Accept:
o Kari
o Dave/Suzanne

Vice President (Suzanne)
• No report

Member Advocates
• Dave McVeigh, Rich, Gregg
o Amy Clark makes a motion to accept these folks as the 2018 Member Advocates
§ All in favor!!
o We may need to create an email distribution list for these folks
§ Start adding them into the email group

President (Amy)
• Council of Pheathers
o Fridays are good
o Time is good
o Venue Discussion
§ February 9th @6:30
• Amy T will reach out to her contact to secure
§ Cecil’s BBQ
• PHIP Annual Report is in progress
o Annual dues are due.
o Volunteer Hours is the outstanding piece*
• President’s Bulletin
o Should seek sponsorship for printing expenses
• Last Call/Announcements/Virgins 9:15
o Raffle & 50/50
• 9:30 Post Numbers/Pull 50/50
• Motion to accept:
o Megan
o Ray

Old Bidness
• Dave sent out the summary of the 2017 Elections
o 43% of eligible voters participated
o The new process has been documented
o Some recommendations have been proposed:
§ Shorten voting period
• Need to know results prior to General Meeting
§ Finalize voting list mid Oct
§ Provide funding for Mailchimp
§ Membership Occifer reviews the list for accuracy

New Bidness
• Welcome to all the new Occifers!
• Need to have a conversation with all the Chair Parrots to let them know we need that information PRONTO!!
o Not just for reporting but for incentives & for the bulletin & report
• Motion to move the badges responsibility (events and membership)
o Kari wants to be the Badger!!
o Discuss badger options for later!
• Discussing the way to move more positive energy as a big cohesive team <3
• Everyone post more pictures during everyones!
• Rich
o Wekiva Island – Sat, September 8th OR 15th**
§ Still has $320 that will go back to the club

9:00pm Council Meeting Adjourned (Suzanne, Amy Clark Adjourned)