Jan 17

January Council of Pheathers

January 16, 2017 (Held at Friendly Confines)

Jeanette Anderson Call to order 7:08 p.m.

In Attendance:

President- Jeanette Anderson

Vice President- Terry Clark

Secretary- Joan Williams

Treasurer- Amy Buchanan

Membership Officer- Jackie Dorsey

Keeper of the Flock- Megan Oberlin

Executive Officer- Amy Walker

Communications Officer- Kari Sheets

Member Advocate – Dave McVeigh

Member Guest —John Williams



Minutes for last meeting were not submitted. Cindy Cunningham will type them up and submit them to Council for approval. Motion to accept report made by Amy Buchanan and seconded by Kari Sheets. Motion passed unanimously.


Treasury report submitted by Amy Buchanan. Amy reported that she has amended the budget. She will also be doing 2017 renewals. She will change the banking credentials to add Joan Williams so Joan will be able to review the bank accounts. Motion to accept report made by Dave McVeigh, seconded by Megan Oberlin. Motion passed unanimously.


Megan announced that the February Phlocking will be held Friday, February 3. After discussing whether the theme should be Mardi Gras or Super Bowl it was decided the theme for the Phlocking will be Super Bowl. Mardi Gras may be the theme for the March Phlocking. Jeannette will find Super Bowl trivia sheets online. The musician will be Joel Cook of Highway One. The Lucky Stars benefactor is open and still to be decided. Tammy Esser will sponsor the raffle table for the benefit of two girls in need in her community.

Megan reported that bands are booked for the year. Lucky Stars and raffle tables are not determined for the year. She will ask those who sponsored raffle tables and Lucky Stars last year if they are interested in doing it again. Amy Walker asked if we differentiated between organizational sponsors and individuals in our respective communities who need help. We do not, and we also sponsor raffle tables for our events, such as FITA. Amy Buchanan stated that all raffle table monies are given to her for deposit.

Motion to accept report made by Amy Buchanan, seconded by Dave McVeigh. Motion passed unanimously.


Kari Sheets reported that she has tried to follow the directions Lou Perkins sent her for getting on to the website, but is finding it difficult.Amy Tatum has updated the calendar through May. Discussion was held as to whether members actually use the calendar. Joan Williams stated that she uses it to record events held further out. Discussion was held whether enough information is given on the calendar. Terry Clark said that there are links to further explanations of events on the website.

Amy stated that there may be a problem with GoDaddy. GoDaddy is helpful in searches for PHCF online. There my be fees. Council tabled the discussion. No time frame was determined. Jeannette will send an email to Lou Perkins asking him to help Kari Sheets and Amy Tatum with the website either by email or in a meeting. Jeannette said Mary Libbey could also be a resource. Megan Oberlin said she will also be able to help.

Motion to accept report made by Jacki Dorsey, seconded by Amy Buchanan. Motion passed unanimously.


Jackie Dorsey will email the Membership report. She has been ill. Motion to accept report by email made by Kari Sheets, seconded by Amy Buchanan. Motion passed unanimously.


Terry reported that the pavilion is booked for the summer picnic on July 29, 2017. Motion to accept report made by Megan Oberlin, seconded by Dave McVeigh. Motion passed unanimously.


Amy Walker reported that all she has in her possession is a vest and Margaritaville t-shirts. The inventory spreadsheet has not been updated. Terry Clark said that he has the club banners. Warren is wearing the parrot costume at FITA. Amy Walker asked what should be done with the donated Margaritaville t-shirts. Terry Clark said that he uses them for beach cleanup prizes. Amy Buchanan said that they can be used in baskets and raffles and Dave McVeigh said they were sold at FITA last year.

Motion to accept report made by Megan Oberlin, seconded by Dave McVeigh. Motion passed unanimously.


Dave McVeigh stated that the quarterly social was well received by members. The next quarterly social will be held on February 9. This quarterly social will focus on MOTM. Discussion was held as to location. Joan Williams suggested the Attic Door in Winter Garden. They will reserve one side, but each side only holds 20-25 people. Amy Buchanan and Jackie Dorsey will select the place.

John Williams was appointed a member advocate. Member advocates are Dave McVeigh, Mike Anderson, and John Williams.

Motion to accept report made by Terry Clark, seconded by Jeannette Freeman. Motion passed unanimously.


Jeannette Anderson reported that PHIP renewal is due and she will need a check for the renewal. Megan Oberlin will update the volunteer hours and Jackie Dorsey will update membership. December 31 is the cutoff date to use for these statistics. Jeannette welcomed new officers Amy Walker, Kari Sheets, Joan Williams and new member advocate John Williams.

Motion to accept report made by Jackie Dorsey, seconded by Amy Buchanan. Motion passed unanimously.


Amy Buchanan will email the Council the proposal for the dues increase of $5. The dues will be $40 (from $35) for family membership and $30 (from $25) for single memberships. The proposed dues increase will have to be voted on by the membership. This will need to be done by June.


We will be hosting the Leadership Conference in August. A budget is needed and Pam Hausle has suggested that $1,000 is needed. The budgeted amount will be used for meeting space, refreshments, and entertainment. We will need to raise money to help with this cost. Megan suggested the April and June raffle tables be used for this and, if needed, the July table as well. Jackie Dorsey, Pam Housle, and Jeannette Anderson will form a committee to work on the Leadership Conference. Jackie Dorsey made a motion to fund the Leadership Conference of up to $1,000 based on raising monies by have two to three raffle tables. Amy Buchanan seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Tammy Esser is laminating the hangy/thingys for FITA and is having trouble with the laminator.  She would like us to buy a new laminator. Terry Clark made a motion to purchase an additional laminator under the FITA budget. Megan Oberlin seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Officer photos need to be updated on the website. Jeannette will email Amy Tatum to expect new officer and member advocate photos to be sent to her for website updating.

A motion to adjourn was made by Terry Clark, seconded by Jackie Dorsey and passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:58 pm.

Minutes submitted by Joan Williams, Secretary