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Jan 13Jan 13

January Council of Pheathers

January 21, 2013

Lisa Schott Call to order 7:03

Submitted byJackie Dorsey, Secretary


In Attendance:

Lisa Schott President, Vice President Bruce Broulik, Membership Occifer Amy Buchanan, Keeper of the Phlock Jeanette Freeman, Executive Officer Norbert Camacho, Treasurer Suzanne Templin, SecretaryJackie Dorsey, Member Advocate Joe Diluzio, Member Advocate Terry Clark, Member Advocate Marti Melton, Phormer Prez Jim Thomas, Club Member Shawn Goos





The minutes submitted from last month’s meeting was submitted.  Bank accounts reviewed. A motion to accept the report was made by Jim “JT” Thomas and it was seconded Norbert Camacho. The motion was approved unanimously.




Suzanne Templin gave report for the last month.  Suzanne filed 990-N the annual federal return.

She also filed the annual report with the State of Florida on line.  A motion to accept the report was made by Jackie Dorsey, and it was seconded by JT and the motion was approved unanimously.



Amy Buchanan gave last month’s report there were 56 (or so) people at the last phlocking.  As of January 13 the club has 261 members.  The sharp decline was due to a combination of renewals not yet submitted as well as non-renewals from the tailgate.  Amy discussed the honorary and complimentary memberships.  Amy asked about a complimentary membership for Matt Olsavsky.  A motion to approve Matt’s complimentary membership was made by Jeanette Freeman, seconded by Suzanne Templin and then passed unanimously.  A motion to accept the report was made by JT and it was seconded by Norbert Camacho and the motion was approved unanimously.



Jeanette Freeman reports the musician for February will be a new musician Randy Z. The raffle table will benefit the Dream Catcher horse rescue.  The Lucky stars will be the Hubbard House who is requesting household items.  There was a brief discussion about improving Lucky Stars participation.  Jeanette announced she will not be at the March phlocking and will need someone to run raffle and 50/50.  Shawn said he would help.  The manatee picnic will be in February and Tammy Esser will once again be running the activities.  A motion to accept the report was made by Bruce and seconded by JT.  The motion passed unanimously.



Bruce Broulik has nothing to report at this time.



Norbert Camacho nothing to report, but brought the ophicial FITA bowling ball.






No member complaints or comments to report.  Terry is planning a kayaking activity at the manatee picnic.  A motion to accept the report was made by Amy and seconded by Jeanette. The motion passed unanimously.




Annual report to PHIP is due by end of month.  Lisa wants to encourage everyone in the club to participate in the upcoming Polar Plunge and Lady Track Shack 5K.

A motion to accept the report was made by JT and it was seconded by Jackie and the motion was approved unanimously




The lanes are sold out, with around 165 bowlers and around 40 non bowlers. Bracelets for $10 for music are available and there will be $10 tickets for dinner Saturday Evening.



Suzanne proposed the budget for 2013.  The council discussed various expenses.  A motion to accept the budget was made by JT and seconded by Jackie.  It passed unanimously


Club Elections:

Jim Thomas made a motion to amend the bylaws to read: If nobody runs for an office and the Executive officer and the Vice president decline the position, the council may appoint a person who volunteers after the election time.  The motion was seconded by Amy and passed unanimously. JT will send an email for approval from the entire club.

JT then made a motion to appoint Shawn Goos as communications officer pending approval of the change to the bylaws. The motion was seconded by Suzanne and approved unanimously.


A motion to adjourn made Jeanette and it was seconded by Suzanne the motion was approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15