Feb 12

February Council of Pheathers
January 20 2012
Bruce Broulik Call to order 6:58
Submitted by Jackie Dorsey Secretary

In Attendance:

Vice President Bruce Broulik, Secretary Jackie Dorsey, Treasurer Suzanne Templin, Membership Occifer Amy Buchanan, Keeper of the Phlock Jeanette Freeman, Communications Occifer Mary Libbey, Member Advocates Terry Clark and Joe DeLuzio, Past President Jim Van Pelt,  Josh Ramsteck,  Laurie Ramos, Sonia Bayne.



Minutes submitted to web site. Bank accounts reviewed. A motion to accept the report was made by Mary and it was seconded by Suzanne and the motion was approved unanimously.


Suzanne Templin gave report for month of January. Currently $11000 are in the account but will be paying $5200 for the charities from the tailgate as well as paying the bands. Suzanne also presented the revised annual budget. A motion to accept the monthly report and annual budget was made by Jackie Dorsey and it was seconded by Jeanette Freeman and the motion was approved unanimously.


Amy Buchanan reports at this time the membership stands at 428 members. A discussion of how to handle out of town members who joined at tailgate concluded we would send via USPS. Amy introduced a discussion pertaining to inductions at alternate venues vs. the phlockings. Group agreed to continue discussion at later time. A motion to accept the report was made by Suzanne and it was seconded by Mary and the motion was approved unanimously


Jeanette Freeman reports we still have T. Scott Walker as our  musician for March phlocking. Lucky Stars will be pet supplies for Deb Richardson. The raffle table will go towards club needs. A motion to accept report was made by Jackie seconded by Amy and passed unanimously


Mary Libbey reports the renewal button on the website has been removed. Any holdouts will need to contact by Email to renew. A motion to accept the report was made by Jackie and it was seconded by Amy. The motion was approved unanimously.


Bruce Broulik spoke to Give Kids the World about the next pool party which is scheduled for April 22. A motion to accept the report was made by Mary and it was seconded by Amy and the motion was approved unanimously.


Not present


Terry and Joe report nothing


Bruce presented the president’s report to council as follows:

1)    The first 6 weeks of the year was packed for our club. And, every single event was a big success. You guys are awesome! I sincerely hope you are not getting burned out. If you are, please ask for help.

2)    The Annual PHiP Report was filed, and we received our club charter renewal with no problem.

3)    Would any of you like to do a new-member induction at a phlocking? I’d like  to invite all officers to do it once this year. It’s fun!

A motion to accept the report was made by Jackie and it was seconded by Joe and the motion was approved unanimously.


FITA Recap

1)    Over $21,410 has been donated to Arthritis Foundation on behalf of Kids

2)    with Arthritis. And, some donations are still trickling in.

3)    4-Year Total is over $77,000!

4)    Our club received a lot of good publicity from the following sources:
Sunny 105.9 FM
Radio Margaritaville
The weekly newsletter published by the CEO of the National Arthritis Foundation
Rochelle Lentini’s blog (our honoree child’s mother)
PHiP Leaders’ E-Mail Distribution List which goes to all club leaders nationwide
We ended up with 3 families who have children with arthritis in attendance, and they are all huge fans of the Parrot Heads now. You could really feel the love in the room. Parker’s mom said that he paid for his bowling efforts for a whole week after the event, but when his doctor asked him about it, he said “It was totally worth it!”

5)    The next event for the Arthritis Foundation will be the “Let’s Move Together Arthritis Walk” at Lake Eola on May 12 at 8:00 AM. There is no charge and no requirement for fund-raising. George has started an on-line Parrot Head team, and you can sign up if you want to attend. It’s something the charity does once a year to bring people together without having to feel the pressure of fund-raising.

Tailgate update:

Bruce updated group per Jim Burk. It was agreed to give $2215 for each of the 2 charities (Second Harvest & Soldier Angels). It was also agreed to give $1500 to the Chillers, $300 to Restless natives and $100 to Matt /Tropico.

A motion to approve these expenses and cover costs was made by Jeanette and it was seconded by Joe and the motion was approved unanimously.

Club wishes to thank Dr. Jim and his phantastic tailgate committee for the hard work and great party!!!


Jim van Pelt gave report on Birthday party. All bars have been lined up finishing at Ember where Captain Josh will round out the phestivities. There will be a poker run to add to the phun. Money will be raised by raffle for Vet Dog program.


Sonia Bayne reminded club T. Scott Walker will be at Legends in June for a second Saturday Social event.

A motion to adjourn was made by Mary and it was seconded by Jeanette. Then the motion was approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:53pm.