Apr 18

Event: Council of Pheathers Meeting – April 13th

Date: April 13th, 2018

6:32pm Council Meeting Call to Order

  • Absentees: N/A
  • Member Advocates: Rich Stawick & Gregg Templin
  • Club Visitors: Rick & Autumn Norwood, Barbara Dee

7:47pm Meeting Adjourned


  • Submitted March minutes on 4/13 before the meeting
  • TBD Checking Account Review
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Terry
    • Suzanne

Treasurer/Keeper of the Booty

  • Debbie sent out her report prior to the meeting so we were able to discuss many of the items discussed in the email
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Terry
    • Ray

Membership Occifer

  • Amy Clark is absorbing this role as there have been no nominations
  • Total: 271 Members
    • 4 new members this month
  • T Shirt Inventory VERY LOW
  • 52 Attendees at the April Phlocking 2018
    • Donna Allen $5 door prize
  • No inductions at the last Phlocking
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Megan
    • Amy T

Keeper of the Phlock

  • May Phlocking 2018
    • Date: May 4th
    • Entertainment: Teddy V
    • Theme: May the 4th Be With You
    • Raffle Table/Lucky Stars:
      • Raffle Table: Ray Wortley – Landscaping for Give Kids the World
      • Lucky Stars: Megan Oberlin – A Gift for Teaching
    • Motions to Accept
      • Terry
      • Megan

Communications Occifers/Coconut Telegraphers

  • New Fresh Look!
  • Making some adjustments to the front page
    • Tailgate
    • Chair
    • Programs
    • Raffle Table/Lucky Stars
    • “Message from Prez”
  • Fixing the FB Page
    • FB/Mailchimp will link automatically
  • Need official admins for FB & website
  • Adding forwarding to Phlockmail inbox
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Amy Clark
    • Megan

Executive Occifer

  • Obtained many shirts back from Jeanette/Jackie
    • These can be used in raffles/volunteering/etc
  • 2 Margaritaville Bikes are now in inventory
  • Motion to accept:
    • Ray
    • Gregg

Vice President

  • No report

Member Advocates

  • N/A
  • Membership Announcement:
    • Amy Clark is informing a recent new member of her termination as she was not supposed to be reinstated


  • Thanking everyone for all of their hard work throughout the past couple of months!
  • Shoutout to Autumn Norwood who brought 6 of her friends to help us reach our goal at the 5K Beer Pour
  • Jumped right into New Bidness…
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Megan
    • Ray

Old Bidness

  • Adopt a Latitude: 25 Attendees!
  • IOA Corporate 5K Beer Pour: Club Compliments: “Smoothest operation we’ve had in a while”
    • 62 Attendees
    • $1240 Raised for club funds!
  • Adopt a Villa: 13 Attendees!
  • Christmas Party: No Update
    • $800 Club Budget

New Bidness

  • Reopening budget line item for “Adopt a Latitude”
  • Concert Tailgate Update: Thanks to all officers/advocates who attended! Thanks Terry Clark for home base!
  • What styles/sizes/costs of shirts are possible? When can we order? Inventory LOW.
    • Amy C. will reach out for minimum order requirements

7:47pm Council Meeting Adjourned