Apr 10

April 19, 2010
Council of the Pheathers Meeting
The meeting was called to order by President Lisa Schott, at 7:01 p.m.
The minutes of the last meeting have been posted on the PHCF web site. Lisa asked if there were any corrections to the minutes, and there were none. Edi Meadows moved to accept them as is; the motion was seconded and approved.
Treasurer’s Report- Colene will e-mail the report. She reported that $118 was donated to Back to Nature from the raffle proceeds and $54.00 was the proceeds of the 50/50. After paying Captain Josh, the net proceeds of the 50/50 was $4.00. The low amount was attributed to the low turn out at the Phlocking which occurred on Good Friday. There was some discussion about avoiding having a Phlocking on Good Friday in the future.
Membership Report- Mary was not present but had e-mailed the Membership Report to several Council members on Friday, April 16. This report will be e-mailed to the Council by Lisa. There were many new (21) members added as a result of the TailGate Party at the Orlando Buffett Concert.
Keeper of the Phlock Report- Edi asked for a volunteer to handle the auction at the Phlocking as she will be at Floridaze. Colene volunteered to handle it, and the proceeds of the raffle will benefit the Beta Center. The motion was approved.
Vice- President- Scott discussed the recent State of the Phlock report from PHiP and noted that the numbers are very impressive. Nationwide, Parrot Heads donated $2.8 million last year to charitable organizations and an estimated 180,000 man-hours to philanthropic and environmental activities. For the eight-year period of 2002 – 2009, the numbers are $19.2 million and 2.3 million man-hours! It was discussed that this should be added to the PHCF website, and publicized in future PR mailings, as well as at the Phlockings.
There was a discussion to increase publicity by creating some Baseball Cards with facts about the PHCF, with stats on fundraising, and contact information. This would serve the same purpose as the current club business cards but would allow for a little more space for information. We also discussed magnetic car signs and sunshades for car windows. Scott will discuss options with Chuck Esser.
J.T. suggested that we have Member Advocates have a table set up near the Raffle Table at the Phlockings, with information such as membership applications and fact sheets on upcoming events.
There was a discussion that the Member Photo Album should be updated with new photos of all members. Colene and George Schott will work on taking photos of members, and Mary and Colene will work on how they should be posted on the web.
There was a discussion on publicizing our events in the future. Jackie will look into getting publicity in the Orlando Sentinel and possibly other media outlets (radio, newspapers, etc.). There was a motion to accept the Vice President’s report, and it passed.
President’s report-
Discussion on when the club was founded. It was determined that our club was founded in 1992. Jim Schlegel has volunteered to be Chair Parrot to organize  a club birthday party and reunion for former members. He has arranged for T. Scott Walker to play at a future phlocking for this event. Lisa will coordinate with Jim to choose a date in the fall for our “18 ½ Year Birthday”.
Lisa mentioned that the website needs to be updated to reflect Edi Meadows as Keeper of the Phlock.
Lisa and George suggested a “Hole in the Wall Crawl”. Many “hole in the wall” bars have been suggested, but party bus transportation is prohibitively expensive  at  $31-$75 per person.   We talked about holding it in Ybor City, downtown Orlando, or at bars along US 17-92. It was decided that this would be tabled till the next meeting. The Council is requested to think of possible ways to make this more affordable.
Lisa will check on whether Thank You notes and T shirts have been sent to Ryder and Quinco for their donations to our Tailgate Party.   She will ask Laurie.
There was a brief discussion about filing a tax report, but Chuck was not present. It was moved, seconded, and approved that if we do have to file a tax return and Tony files it, we will comp his family membership. ($35)
There was a motion to accept the President’s report, and it passed.
Old Business:
Over $1300 was raised for the Relay for Life.
Golf Tournament- Norbert  reported that there is one foursome for the Russell Home Golf Tournament on May 1. The fee is $95 pp.
PHINS Golf Tournament- Norbert reported that the tournament will be on June 19th and costs $110 per person. It is sponsored by the Jacksonville Club to be held in St. Augustine. If someone wants to go just to the Saturday night party with music by Jimmy Parrish, the fee is $20 and includes lunch on Saturday as well
We are looking into Bonding Insurance. The price quote should be available at the next meeting.
New Business:
We get discounts at Margaritaville if we show our membership badge. We get a 10% discount online at Margaritaville if we write PHC on the online code line. This should be publicized to the club.
Avis has Parrot Head discounts. They also make a donation to the Paradise Charitable Foundation for each rental. We will publicize all of these discounts to the club.
On May 1st is the Arthritis Walk, there is no entry fee, but donations are encouraged.
New Ideas for Fun Stuff:
The Van Pelts are having a party on the day before Memorial Day, Sunday May 3oth.
We need to get more people out for Volleyball. 
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.