22 Feb 2019 - 19:00


If you’re confused about the location of this event, read on….

As you may remember, Jim Cain suggested Pier 36 for this month’s Last Supper PHriday because he frequented the restaurant for lunch.  Well he went to Pier 36 today and found they were closed – not after hours closed but moving van in the parking lot closed.  Jim contacted us with the bad news and let us know that he was at another of his and Catherine’s regular restaurants just down the road from Pier 36.  The restaurant could accommodate us and sounded interesting to us so we told him to go ahead and set us up.  So PHor our PHebruary Last Supper PHriday we’re going PHor Peruvian PHood to El Buzo (and yes it’s pronounced like a restaurant that should fit this group well).

Here are our new PHebruary 5 Ws…
Who:     Everyone up PHor Peruvian Steak and Seafood
What:    Last Supper PHriday – PHebruary
Where:  El Buzo
               1436 State Rd 436, Ste 1024, Casselberry
When:   PHriday, PHebruary 22nd – 7:00 PM
Why:     Because we’re going to give Jim a second chance

Jim set up our reservations PHor 30 based on the number of PHolks that said they were coming to Pier 36.   We know that just because El Buzo is close to Pier 36 doesn’t mean that everyone that was coming to Pier 36 will come to El Buzo.  And with El Buzo being a different type of restaurant we’re hoping some new PHolks may decide to join us.  If you’ll check out the menu at the link in our 5 Ws (and ignore that the location listed is their new restaurant in Cocoa Beach) I think you’ll find it interesting.

So click here to reply to this message
and let us know you’ll be joining us at El Buzo.

With our Last Supper PHriday being this PHriday there probably won’t be another message coming out about our PHebruary Last Supper PHriday at El Buzo.  But we do need to give a PHinal count to the restaurant so please click on the link above to let us know to include you in that count.

We’ll see you PHriday at El Buzo!

’till then –^– PHins Up!

Lou and Pat