Last Supper PHriday

25 Oct 2019 - 07:00 PM

Anna's Polish Restaurant 3586 Aloma Ave Winter Park

PHor our September Last Supper PHriday we went to a restaurant that we’ve frequented over the years.  PHor our October Last Supper we’re taking another Jim Cain suggestion and going to a new restaurant.  Last month we went PHor German PHood.  This month we’re staying in Europe and going PHor Polish PHood.  PHor our October Last Supper PHriday we’re going to Anna’s Polish Restaurant.

Here are our October 5 Ws …
Who:     Everyone up PHor Pierogies and Borsch
What:    Last Supper PHriday – October
Where:  Anna’s Polish Restaurant
3586 Aloma Ave, Winter Park
When:  PHriday, October 25, 7:00 PM
Why:     Because the club loved the PHood at Polonia restaurant – but it’s closed

Jim told us he had talked to the PHolks at Anna’s and they could accommodate us.  But I have to tell you I got a little bit nervous when I told Jose (yes, Jose) 30 to 40 PHolks and his reply was, “Let me go count seats”.  PHortunately he came back and said they could accommodate us and that 40 would PHill the main dining room.

So now it’s your opportunity to help us PHill that dining room.

Use this link to let us know that you want to join us
PHor our October Last Supper PHriday at Anna’s Polish Restaurant.

Watch your PHlockmail, we’ll be sending out our lists of diners  PHor our October Last Supper PHriday at Anna’s Polish Restaurant.

’till then … PHins –^– Up!

Lou and Pat

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