Last Supper PHriday

31 May 2019 - 07:00 PM

Vanberry's Public House 4120 S Orange Ave Orlando

Pat and I were trying to come up with a site PHor this month’s Last Supper PHriday and were drawing a blank.  We went back and started looking and talking about past Last Supper PHridays, and then we talked about the Last Supper PHridays we’d missed, and then we started talking specifically about a Last Supper PHriday Pam Hausle ran PHor us when we were out of town.  We called the restaurant and made reservations PHor this month’s Last Supper PHriday.  So PHor our May Last Supper PHriday we’re going close to our old PHlock home to Vanberry’s Public House.

So here are our 5 Ws PHor May….
Who:                     Everyone who enjoys al PHresco dining
What:                    Last Supper PHriday – May
Where:                 Vanberry’s Public House
4120 S Orange Ave Orlando
When:                  PHriday, May 31st – 7:00 PM
Why:                    Because Pat and I missed our last Vanberry’s Last Supper PHriday

As you’ve probably guessed PHrom our PHirst W our reservations are on the patio just like they were last time.  And based on our last Last Supper PHriday at Vanberry’s I told them to expect 30+ of us.  So let’s start building our PHirst list.  CLICK HERE to reply to this message and let us add you to our PHirst list and we’ll send out our PHirst May Last Supper PHriday list PHor Vanberry’s as your replies start coming in.

’till then … PHins –^– Up!

Lou and Pat

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