January Gathering – A New Kind of PHlocking

16 Jan 2022 - 12:00 AM

PR's Taco Palace College Park
717 West Smith Street

Come join us for a
January Gathering!!

DATE:      Sunday, January 16th
TIME:       12:30 pm until the last PHlocker leaves
PLACE:  PR’s Taco Palace – College Park
717 West Smith Street, Orlando
RSVP:     Click here to RSVP to Gathering@PHCF.COM 
We’d like to give PR’s an approximate count.  Perhaps, if there is enough of us, Perry will reserve some space for us, and we can figure out a way to do a Lucky Stars or some other form of Partying With A Purpose.


Proceeds for the Evening:

  • None, for right now.  The Gathering is still a work in progress and we still need to figure out how to not only Party but to Party With A Purpose.


Entertainment for the Afternoon:

  • Musician Name: John Frinzi
  • Musician Website:
  • Don’t PHorget to bring some extra $$$ for the tip jar!


So, Music and PHriends
That’s what our PHlockings are about.
That’s what we’ll be doing Sunday, January 16th

We’ll see you at PR’s Taco Palace – College Park

For more information, contact