26 Oct 2018 - 19:00


The things we have to do PHor this club.

A few years back, more years than most of you have been in the PHlock, when we couldn’t get suggestions for Last Supper PHridays I threatened to take PHolks to a new Ethiopian restaurant that had just opened on International Drive and they could choose PHrom dishes like Doro Wat and Kitfo.  Pat and I had no idea what Ethiopian PHood was like, never tried the restaurant and got a PHew month’s worth of Last Supper PHriday suggestions.

Fast forward to a few years ago and we PHind ourselves in an Ethiopian restaurant with our daughter in Buffalo … and we loved it!  So when we started hearing about a great Ethiopian restaurant in Orlando we had to check it out – even if it is on International Drive.  And finally trying it we are happy to tell you that our October Last Supper PHriday will be at Nile Ethiopian Restaurant.

Here are the 5 Ws PHor our October Last Supper PHriday…
Who:            Everyone ready to expand their culinary comfort zone
What:           Last Supper PHriday – October
Where:         Nile Ethiopian Restaurant
7048 International Dr, Orlando
When:          PHriday, October 26, 7:00 PM
Why:            Because where else are you going to get to eat with your PHingers

The PHood was great on our trip to Nile and the prices are lower than you might expect in tourist central with the most expensive item on the menu being the $29 Chef’s Combination (which fed Pat and I with leftovers) and most entrees were around $14 or $15.  The service was great, too, and they can accommodate 30 of us PHor our October Last Supper PHriday at Nile Ethiopian Restaurant.

So click here to Reply to this message and let us know to put you on our PHirst list PHor our October Last Supper PHriday at Nile Ethiopian Restaurant.

Our reservations are PHor 30 and I’d like to let the restaurant know as soon as possible if we’re going to need significantly more or less than that.  So please use the link above to let us know to include you on our PHirst list PHor our Last Supper PHriday at Nile Ethiopian Restaurant.  We’ll send that list out as we start to hear PHrom you.

’till then … PHin’s –^– Up!

Lou and Pat