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Last Supper PhridaysLast Supper Phridays


Last Supper Phriday

Last Supper Phriday at Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford, FL

Each month, chair-parrots Lou and Pat Perkins set up a monthly outing at a Central Florida restaurant for PHCF members. Cuisines are as varied as our members, though we do stick to some traditional favorites each year. New places are always welcomed, so if you have a recommendation, let them know!

This Month’s Last Supper Phriday Info:

It was asked how long it had been since we went to an Italian restaurant and, Rossi’s aside (which is more pizzeria then Italian restaurant), the answer was “quite a while”.  PHolks have suggested Café Murano so this seemed like a good time to give it a try.  We selected the Veranda Park location because we’ve been to the North side of town for the last two Last Supper PHriday’s.
Here are the details in this month’s 5 Ws….
Who:      Everyone up PHor Italian PHood
What:     Last Supper PHriday – PHebruary
Where:  Café Murano
6996 Piazza Grand Avenue, Suite 200, Orlando
When:   PHriday, PHebruary 28, 7:00 PM
Why:     Because we do hear you when you make suggestions
‘till then … PHins –^—Up!
Lou and Pat

Lou’s Cell – 407-766-2493

Pat’s Cell – 407-766-2415