25 May 2018 - 19:00


PHor over 15 years we’ve been going to Kobe every December.  But in all of that time we haven’t been to a Japanese restaurant that wasn’t centered around teppanyaki tables.  This month we’re going to change that.  PHor our May Last Supper PHriday we’re going to go to Sushi Lola’s.

Here’s your PHirst look at our May 5 Ws….

Who:          Everyone up PHor trying another one of Lou and Pat’s PHavorite Restaurants
What:          Last Supper PHriday – May
Where:        Sushi Lola’s
2902 Corrine Drive, Orlando
When:         PHriday, May 25, 7:00 PM
Why:           Because Teppanyaki is not the only type of Japanese restaurant out there

Before those of you with an aversion to raw PHish start panicking,  Sushi Lola’s is not just a sushi bar.  In addition to their sushi bar (great prices PHor sushi, by the way) their menu includes tempura, ramen and udon, bento boxes and a large selection of maki (ok, maki are sushi rolls but a lot of Sushi Lola’s maki are centered on tempura rather than raw PHish).  Sushi Lola’s also has Korean PHood on their menu and all of that is cooked.

So put your PHears of sushi aside and join us PHor our May Last Supper PHriday at Sushi Lola’s.  Hit Reply now and let us know you’ll be joining us.  As your Replies start coming in we’ll send out a message with our PHirst list.