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Look Who’s Playing:

January:  Bill Cockrell

February:  Richard “Schooner” McGuire

March:  Ted Villarreal

April:  Capt’n Josh

May:  Ted Villarreal

June:  Joel T. Cook / Highway One

July:  Jimi Pappas

August:  Capt’n Josh

September:  Joel T. Cook / Highway One

October:  Jason Webb

November:  John Beck

Last Supper PHriday

31 Dec 1969 - 19:00

PHor those of you that are new to our Last Supper PHridays we have learned through experience that the day after Thanksgiving tends to get a poor turnout PHor a Last Supper PHriday.  Part of this is because PHolks are travelling PHor the holiday.  So we typically have a Next to the Last Supper PHriday in November.  This year