11 Feb 2018 - 08:00

Orange City, FL 32763

WHEN:  Sunday, February 11, 2018

WHERE:  Blue Springs State Park      2100 West French Avenue  Orange City, FL  32763WHY:  To spend time with your PHamily and PHriends!!!  And, if you have extended PHamily or PHriends that you would like to invite, absolutely do so, but be sure to let me know.  I will also need the ages of all Keets (kids) that will be attending.

WHAT (to bring?):  You will need to bring a dish (with some kind of food in it) to share, drinks for you and yours (but please remember this is a State Park, so NO alcohol), and your chairs.  PHCF will provide cups, plates, silverware, and the CHICKEN!!!

Blue Springs State Park will only allow so many cars and people in, and then they close the park entrance until those PHolks leave — this means that you could wait in line and may not even get in at all!!  Chuck and I will be there at 8:00am when they open, and we will have coffee, hot chocolate, tea, muffins, and donuts.  We hope it is not as cold as a few years have been!BE SURE TO LOOK FOR OUR CLUB BANNER WHEN YOU ARRIVE!And just what all can you do when you get there?!?  Enjoy socializing and getting to know your PHellow PHlockers, walk through the park and see the Manatee, games will be played and we want you to participate, or you could just sit in your chair and take a nap (yes, this has been done!!)

DJ George and Lisa (Jack & Ginger) will provide music.  If you would like, please bring your guitar, etc. to entertain the gathering.  This has been done before and it has turned out great!!

Terry Clark will have kayaks on hand for any members that want to explore the springs.

Lunch will be about 11:30am or 12:00pm
Please RSVP to
If you have any further questions, please call Tammy at 386 479 6689 or Chuck at 386 216 4451
Check out the website for more information: