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Look Who’s Playing:

January:  Bill Cockrell

February:  Richard “Schooner” McGuire

March:  Ted Villarreal

April:  Capt’n Josh

May:  Ted Villarreal

June:  Joel T. Cook / Highway One

July:  Jimi Pappas

August:  Capt’n Josh

September:  Joel T. Cook / Highway One

October:  Jason Webb

November:  John Beck


Longtime PHCF members may remember that we once had a directory of members.  The directory contained pictures of each of our members along with their names.  We’re working on establishing a new directory that will at the least provide the same information to our members.

Access to the PHCF Directory will be limited to PHCF Members in Good Standing.

Members that would like access to the Directory
must register to gain access.

If you have already registered for access to the Directory
please login to gain access and checkout our progress.

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Welcome to our Directory