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Look Who’s Playing:

January:  Bill Cockrell

February:  Richard “Schooner” McGuire

March:  Ted Villarreal

April:  Capt’n Josh

May:  Ted Villarreal

June:  Joel T. Cook / Highway One

July:  Jimi Pappas

August:  Capt’n Josh

September:  Joel T. Cook / Highway One

October:  Jason Webb

November:  John Beck

Jan 13Sep 13

September Council of PHeathers

September 19, 2013

Jackie Dorsey Call to order 7:00

Submitted by Jackie Dorsey, Secretary (notes by Marti Hahn)


In Attendance:

President Lisa Schott

Vice President Bruce Broulik

Treasurer Suzanne Templin

Membership Occifer Amy Clark

Keeper of the PHlock Jeanette Freeman

Co-Keeper Marti Hahn

Communications Occifer Shawn Goos

Executive Occifer Norbert Camacho

Secretary Jackie Dorsey

Member Advocate Marty Melton

Member Advocate Terry Clark

PHormer Prez Jim Thomas

PHirst Dude George Schott

Linda Broulik

Gary Einstein

Sonia Bayne




Minutes submitted to web site after editing. Bank accounts reviewed. A motion to accept the report was made by Amy Clark and it was seconded by Jeanette Freeman and the motion was approved unanimously.


Suzanne Templin submitted by both the monthly expenses as well as an up-to-date budget.  A motion to accept the report was made by Shawn Goos and it was seconded by Bruce Broulik and the motion was approved unanimously.


Amy Clark reports 61 people were at the last PHlocking and 1 new member joined, 4 inducted bringing the membership total to 347 members. Amy will be sending out emails for membership renewals in November A motion to accept the report was made by Bruce Broulik and it was seconded by Shawn Goos and the motion was approved unanimously.


Jeanette reports that  Captain Josh will be entertainment for October’s Phlocking  Tammy Esser will be running the raffle table with proceeds to benefit the Alzheimer’s foundation. Lucky Stars will be Second Harvest Food Bank being collected by Jim Thomas. Jim asked for lots of real heavy food. November’s Phlocking will be November 8 due to Meeting of the Minds (MOTM). The annual meeting will be November 10 at the Esser’s house. A motion was made to accept the report by Jim Thomas seconded by Norbert Camacho. Motion was passed unanimously.


Shawn Goos asked about Bocce ball.  He will speak with Joe Diluzio to confirm future dates and times. A motion to accept the report was made by Amy and it was seconded by Jeanette, the motion was approved unanimously.


Bruce Broulik has nothing to report at this time. A motion to accept the report was made by Jim Thomas and it was seconded by Shawn Goos, the motion was approved unanimously.


Norbert Camacho reports he needs to have email sent out requesting locations of all the club stuff. A motion to accept the report was made by Jeanette and it was seconded by Amy, the motion was approved unanimously.


Marty Melton and Terry Clark have no complaints at this time.

A motion to accept the report was made by Amy and it was seconded by Marti Hahn, the motion was approved unanimously.


  1. Jackie Dorsey will be doing the announcements at the October Phlocking.
  2. Club annual meeting and calendar planning will be at the Esser’s November 10th.
  3. Jeanette may bring calendar again with easel, or may use electronic calendar with projector.
  4. Music on the Bay MOTB inTampais asking for club sponsors. Shawn agreed to place request on Facebook/email to determine number of people who will be going and if somebody wants to help do fund raising for the event.
  5. Lisa will not be at the October Phlocking (Jackie reminded Lisa she needs the induction vows and any announcements)
  6. Jason from the Caribbean Chillers, sent thanks for the funds collected during the August Phlocking for Joe Rajski.  He offered to play free of charge at a future Phlocking possibly January.

A motion to pass the president’s report was made by Amy, seconded by Shawn and passed unanimously


  1. MOTM: Jeanette states the party will be at Willie T’s on Thursday . It will be be more of a “social hour”. Laurie may not be there due to work conflict. Discussed the possibility of a costume contest and a 50/50 raffle.
  2. Fall Picnic: Amy decided on a location in Tavares called Hickory Point. (addendum: Amy has since decided that Kelly Park in Apopka is more friendly and picnic will be there instead.) The date of the picnic October 20, is the same weekend as the beach cleanup. Terry “Daddy”Clarkagreed to move the beach clean-up to October 13.  Shawn agreed to update the Facebook page and send out PHlockmails.


  1. Jim Thomas announced that the following positions are up for elections this year:




Executive Officer

  • Election nomination will begin soon with a series of emails and close on Nov 10. Elections will be November 11-17th.
  1. Lisa  announced that she ordered the Margaritaville frozen concoction maker. She would like to use it at the Christmas Party and then raffle it off.
  2. FITA: George Schott announced first meeting with bowling was September 15 at the bowling alley. Registration will open soon prices remain the same.
  3. Christmas Party: Jeanette announced it will be December 7th at the VFW onEdgewater Drive. Toy drive will be the Baby DJ program through XL radio. Charlie DeCosa band will play again. Will have first committee meeting before the next phlocking.
  4. Lisa asked for club members to come see Don Tompkins come walk the ducks at thePeabody.

A motion to adjourn made by Shawn and it was seconded by Jeanette the motion was approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at around 8:25