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Look Who’s Playing:

January:  Bill Cockrell

February:  Richard “Schooner” McGuire

March:  Ted Villarreal

April:  Capt’n Josh

May:  Ted Villarreal

June:  Joel T. Cook / Highway One

July:  Jimi Pappas

August:  Capt’n Josh

September:  Joel T. Cook / Highway One

October:  Jason Webb

November:  John Beck

Jan 13Oct 14

October Council of Pheathers

October 6, 2014 (Held at Friendly Confines Orange Ave)

Pam Hausle Call to order 7:11

Submitted by Jackie Dorsey Secretary

In Attendance:

  • President Pam Hausle
  • Vice President Bruce Broulik
  • Secretary Jackie Dorsey
  • Treasurer Suzanne Templin
  • Membership Occifer Amy Clark
  • Keeper of the Phlock Jeanette Freeman
  • Communications Occifer Shawn Goos
  • Member Advocate Terry Clark
  • Member Advocate Joe Deluzio
  • Club Member Mike Anderson


Pam thanked Amy for the great job on the fall picnic, Joe for the Pre-MOTM party and Friendly confines for the $500 donation to FITA.



Suzanne Templin’s submitted her report. She reports a check for $450 was sent to Autumn and Rick’s friend from the raffle table from last Phlocking.

Amy Clark made the motion to accept the report and Jeanette Freeman seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.



Amy reports 74 people were at the last phlocking. There was 1 new member inducted. Amy stated she sent out renewal notices. Also Jeanette and Jackie’s Sister, the “good one” finally joined. Amy also stated she ordered t-shirts from Chuck Esser.   A motion to accept the report was made by Shawn Goos and it was seconded by Bruce Broulik and the motion was approved unanimously.



Jeanette Freeman announced the next PHlocking would be November 10th (due to MOTM it’s the 2nd Friday) with Bill Cockrell playing. The group decided on a Veteran’s Day theme. Coloring Books and Crayons for the Autistic Kids will be collected by Debbie Howard for Lucky Stars. Raffle table will be run by Jackie and Jeanette to adopt a manatee. A motion was made by Amy Clark to accept the report it was seconded by Suzanne Templin Clark. Motion was passed unanimously.


Jackie finally arrives at 7:25am.



Minutes for last meeting submitted via email. Bank accounts were reviewed.

A motion to accept the report was made by Jeanette Freeman and seconded by Shawn Goos. The motion passed unanimously.



Shawn stated he will take a look into the Orlando Sentinel community events to post our PHlockings and events. MailChimp fixed …for now. Shawn looked into alternative email engines found no advantages to google apps. Jeanette asked Shawn to make her a PayPal link for the Christmas party

A motion was made by Amy to accept the report it was seconded by Jeanette. Motion was passed unanimously


Nothing to report



Not present.


Joe Diluzio nothing to report

He reports 15 people came to the last beach cleanup and he had to make new trash lei since some slacker didn’t come with the real one.

Terry would like to have a summer picnic including kayaking next year.

Terry made a motion for $400 to pay for picnic. It was seconded by Suzanne and passed unanimously.


Terry has heard a few complaints:

  1. Member photo album on line
  2. Costume Contest voting and winner at the last Phlocking never happened





  1. Bylaws
  • Pam still waiting on JT.
  1. Elections
  • Waiting on JT to send out email
  1. Member business directory
  • Disclaimer submitted for council.
  1. Steve White Stone at GKTW
  • Bruce inquired
  • Jackie stated she hasn’t seen Stan but will message him
  1. Fall picnic
  • Amy wanted to mention that half the people that responded they were coming to the fall picnic actually showed.
  1. Xmas Party
  • 49 tickets sold so far


Calendar meeting will be held November 16 at Tammy and Chuck Esser’s house

A motion to adjourn was made by Shawn and seconded by Bruce, a vote passed unanimously.

Meeting ended at 8:01 pm