Oct 13

October Council of PHeathers (at Doc’s Streetside)

October 21, 2013                                 

Jackie Dorsey Call to order 7:07pm

Submitted by Jackie Dorsey, Secretary

In Attendance:

President Lisa Schott

Vice President Bruce Broulik

Treasurer Suzanne Templin

Membership Occifer Amy Clark

Keeper of the PHlock Jeanette Freeman

Communications Occifer Shawn Goos

Executive Occifer Norbert Camacho

Secretary Jackie Dorsey

Member Advocate Marty Melton

Member Advocate Joe Deluzio

Member Advocate Terry Clark

PHormer Prez Jim Thomas

PHirst Dude George Schott

Phlocking location Chair Parrot Pam Hausle

Linda Broulik



Minutes submitted to web site after editing. Bank accounts reviewed. A motion to accept the report was made by Jeanette Freeman and it was seconded by Shawn Goos and the motion was approved unanimously.


Suzanne Templin submitted both the monthly expenses as well as an up-to-date budget.  She also submitted a thank you note. A motion to accept the report was made by Jeanette Freeman and it was seconded by Jackie Dorsey and the motion was approved unanimously.


Amy Clark reports she wasn’t at last phlocking so she doesn’t know head count.  The group reported about 78 people were there. Amy has sent out emails for membership renewals in November. A motion to accept the report was made by Jackie Dorsey and it was seconded by Norbert Camacho and the motion was approved unanimously.



Jeanette reports that Decibel will be entertainment for November’s Phlocking.  The raffle table proceeds to the Christmas Party since there were no takers for the table. Lucky Stars will be coloring books and crayons collected by Barb Marks. The next Phlocking will be at Holy Smokes BBQ on Curry Ford. (Addendum: due to permit issues, Holy Smokes backed out and Phlocking was held at Doc’s).

At this point in the meeting due to his enormous nachos, Shawn had to move to his own table.

A motion was made to accept the report by Shawn seconded by James Jim JT all around cool guy Thomas. Motion was passed unanimously.


Shawn Goos stated elections would be sent out by Survey Monkey. A motion to accept the report was made by Suzanne Templin and it was seconded by Norbert Comacho, the motion was approved unanimously.


No Report


Norbert Comacho stated from here on out he would be happy to ensure the sign-in sheet made it all around during PHlockings.  “Applause”

A motion to accept the report was made by Jeanette Freeman and it was seconded by Jim Thomas, the motion was approved unanimously.


Joe Deluzio, Marty Melton and Terry Clark have no report


  1. Lisa Schott confirmed Jeanette Freeman will be running the November Phlocking as well as the December Council Meeting.
  2. The membership meeting will take the place of the November council meeting and will be held at Tammy and Chuck Esser’s house. Jeanette Freeman said she would bring a calendar. Jackie Dorsey said she would bring her laptop with a computer program instead. Lisa Schott plans on bringing projector.
  3. Frozen concoction maker arrived for the special auction for the Christmas Party.
  4. Jason of the Caribbean Chillers plans to perform solo for free for the club in January.


  1. Jim Thomas will start the email blasts for officer nominations by end of week. Nominations are to close by November 9th. Elections to run November 11th-17th
  2. MOTM club party to be held on Thursday 4:30-6:30 at Willie T’s
  3. Christmas party at the VFW Dec 7th  with Charlie D and the Band, Gift exchange, Toys for Baby DJ program, Dessert contest, and frozen concoction maker raffle.

Addendum: No need to go into that here but VFW was a bust

  1. FITA registration is open
  • John Frinzi and guests (including Charlie D) will headline on Saturday.
  • Host hotel remains Springhill Suites
  • Picked honoree’s today
  1. Fall Picnic: Amy Clark thanked everybody who helped and who came to play. Volunteered to do next year’s picnic as well.


  1. Pre MOTM party at Joe Deluzio’s Saturday before MOTM
  2. Phlocking committee report:
  • Looked at 17 locations
  • Applied a common criteria and eliminated most the locations.
  • Locations we are looking at are:
  1. Holy Smokes BBQ
  2. Silly Grape Maitland
  3. Johnnie’s Filling Station
  4. Doc’s Streetside
  5. Decided to do a special Black Friday social at one of the locations just for fun.


A motion to adjourn was made by Jackie Dorsey and it was seconded by Lisa Schott and the motion was approved unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at around 9:08pm