Nov 17

November Council of Pheathers Meeting

7:14 Council Meeting Call to Order

Absentees: Amy Walker, Joan Williams


  • No Report.
  • Joan will send over notes from October ASAP.


  • We have $$$!
    • Currently $2,839.97
  • Performing end of the year budget consolidation
    • Reviewing open items to determine any needed increases or decreases for this year
  • Ordering checks for next year
  • Organizing all documentation for hand-off to new Treasurer for 2018
  • Open Question:
    • Do we still need the FITA account or can we close?
      • Amy Clark to coordinate this
    • Motions to Accept:
      • Kari
      • Terry Second

Membership Occifer

  • 100 Paying members have renewed
  • 50 people attended brunch in Key West
  • Nov Phlocking Attendee List – 43 people signed in
  • Membership Report Review by the council
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Kari
    • Terry Second

Keeper of the Phlock

  • All bands are booked up for next year!
    • Megan sent over the list to Kari for this to get listed on the website
  • Jan Phlocking 2018
    • Date: Jan 5th
    • Entertainment: Bill Cockrell
    • Theme: New Years
    • Raffle Table/Lucky Stars: OPEN
      • I’ll send out a note for this
    • Organizing end of the year report documentation
    • Organizing Keeper of the Phlock documentation for Ray
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Amy Clark
    • Jackie second

Communications Occifer

  • No report
  • Megan brought up feedback from the Nov Phlocking and the council discussed possibilities of future outside events.
  • Megan sent over the list of musicians/phlocking dates/themes for next year to be placed on the website
  • No motion since there was no official report

Executive Occifer

  • No report.

Vice President

  • Meeting of the minds was awesome!
  • Terry thanked everyone for all of the hard work that was put into this
  • Venue booked for the Kayak Picnic
    • July 14th – Megan’s birthday!!
  • December 10th – next Adopt-A-Shore
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Jackie
    • Kari second

Member Advocates

  • No report


  • No report

 Old Bidness

  • N/A

New Bidness

  • The council planned the 2018 Calendar and it will be posted and shared with the group very soon!

8:44pm Council Meeting Adjourned