Nov 14

Annual Meeting and Calendar Planning

In Attendance:

  • President Pam Hausle
  • Secretary Jackie Dorsey
  • Treasurer Suzanne Templin
  • Membership Occifer Amy Clark
  • Keeper of the Phlock Jeanette Freeman
  • Member Advocate Terry Clark
  • Mike Anderson
  • David Balk
  • Mary Balk
  • Dr. Jim Burk
  • Murray Burk
  • Lisa Schott
  • George Schott
  • Terry Harrington
  • Pat Harrington
  • Kim Dubey
  • Jeff Dubey
  • Lou Perkins
  • Pat Perkins
  • Norbert Camacho
  • Marilyn Rodriguez
  • Amy Buchanan
  • Mary Lubrano
  • Terry Clark
  • Rich Hausle
  • Jonathan Freeman
  • Gregg Templin
  • Chuck Esser (host)
  • Tammy Esser (hostess with the mostess)


Meeting Called at 2:30

Presidents Report

Pam welcomed everybody to the meeting. She then spoke about some new items to the club.

Smoking BBQ Competition: Pam wants to host a BBQ or smoking competition amongst the club members.

Terry Clark plans a Summer Picnic with Kayaking.

We have been working on a club Service Directory




  • Jackie


  • Amy


  • Cindy Cunningham

Vice President

  • Terry Clark


  • Jeff Dubey



  • Mike Anderson


  • Lou Perkins


Executive Officer

  • Norbert Camacho


  • Dave McVeigh


Treasurer’s report

Suzanne submitted budgets and treasurer’s report.

Suzanne announced to the club that there is now a FITA Checking account (FITA)

Membership Officer

Amy Clark

Gave a short speech:

A quick introduction for some of our newest members who attended today: I am Amy and I have had the extreme privilege of serving as the Clubs Membership Officer for the past 4 years

And in light of that fact, Pam asked me if I would be willing to stand up here and give my report. At first I was just going to give my normal monthly report but my mind kept reflecting back over the course of my entire term, so I decided to just go with it…

Admittedly, this position has had trying moments, but in all fairness, I truly couldn’t even imagine not having done it. I was so grateful to be given the opportunity for my first term, honored to have been re-elected for my seconded term, and I am now sincerely humbled to have recently found out that some of you here think enough of me to have nominated me for a different office as we move forward into out clubs future.

OK, now to the business portions of my report: four years ago I came into this position with 423 members, and back then I thought “what was I thinking?” “Who am I kidding? How am I ever going to do this?” And then the concert tailgate happened, and well it was officially confirmed that I went a bit crazy J

We had just under 60 Members that year. Since then things have settled into a much more manageable routine and as I am about to leave office, we currently have 405 Members including 339 adults and 66 Keets.

There is a reason this club is so awesome, and it doesn’t just have to do with our membership count. It’s because our foundation is made up of some of the most inspirational people who have set these amazing examples for me to want to work towards and achieve for myself. Our dedication to this club, our community and the charities for which we touch are what set us apart, and what keeps us so authentic and fun. As we all know, I joined this club because my Daddy was a member, but now I can honestly say that I realize what a lucky girl I am to have so many friends sitting here amongst me. We are like the best extended family ever because we all can enjoy each other’s company while having a good time and drinking with no fighting or brawls. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each of you so well, and I am so looking forward to being part and seeing just what all we can accomplish in the future. “




Secretary’s Report


Minutes send out for approval and bank accounts checked.



Keeper of the PHlock

Jeanette conducted the calendar planning.

Calendar planning

FITA Update

Have 150 bowlers as of this date. More than ½ lanes sold out.

Teams of 6

Music lineup

Jim Morris

Ronnie Tsunami

Trop Rock Junkies

Bill and Rich

Conch Fritters

Captain Josh

Jimmy Pappas

Vern Densler (nowhere to Rum)




More fun

  1. Tammy got blew out a flip flop award for Alzheimer’s foundation from PHIP.
  2. Jeff Dubey asked about new badges for long term club members. We don’t need no stinking badges.

Tammy Esser asked about:

  1. Membership questions
  2. Participation rewards.
  3. Parrot Points…