May 19

Event: Council of Pheather’s Meeting – Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Date: Thursday, May 16th, 2019

7:05pm Council Meeting Call to Order – Teleconference

Attendees: Terry, Megan, Amy T, Amy Clark, Gary, Bruce, Ray

  • Absentees: Susan Turner
  • Member Advocates: n/a
  • Club Visitors: Barbara Dee, Sonia Bayne, Tammy Esser

8:38pm Meeting Adjourned


  • Raffle table opportunities
  • Mailchimp Cleanup
  • Overall a Quiet Month
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Ray
    • Terry

Vice President  

  • No report

Treasurer/Keeper of the Booty

  • Gary sent out the account review report prior to the meeting
  • Still sitting good!
  • Need to do a mid-year review of the budget: Income trending down, expenses trending up
    • Need to brainstorm some ways to either bring in more income or cut some expenses
  • Raffle – $184
  • 50/50 – $66 
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Amy T
    • Megan


  • Account looks good
    • June Council Meeting will be a mid year budget review
  • April minutes posted today 5/16 in email
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Gary
    • Ray

Membership Occifer

  • Electronic Report submitted on the 8th

Keeper of the Phlock

  • June Phlocking 2019
    • Date: June 7th, 2019
    • Venue Confirmed: Kiwis Confirmed for April
      • Confirmed through June 2019
    • Entertainment: Mark Henderson
      • Discussion of bands for the rest of the year
    • Raffle Table/Lucky Stars:
      • Raffle Table Soyna/Mary king
        • Proceeds to Sunshine Foundation
      • Lucky Stars: Hope Helps – Sonia Bayne
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Terry
    • Meg

Communications Occifers/Coconut Telegraphers

  • Researching membership directory options
  • Researching square and the website and tying all the integration together
  • Discussing the promotion of the PHCF website
  • Discussing donation prizes for Phlockings to increase attendance
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Gary
    • Bruce

Executive Occifer

  • Kayak Picnic discussion
    • Space Coast will share some of the expense similar to last year
      • Gary
      • Amy

New Bidness

  • June 27th is the next council meeting
    • In person
    • 7:00pm either at Kiwis private room or at Amy’s offices

Old Bidness

  • Adopt a Villa
    • Only a few folks were out there
    • Knocked out 4 front villas
    • New plants were donated from George & Lisa’s friends
    • Intending to utilize existing funding previously raised for the next Adopt-a-Villa event
  • Pre MOTM Party
    • AMAZING experiences
      • Over 50 RSVPS
      • 24 attendees
  • Christmas Party
    • Christmas party update
    • Discussion of the party venue, costs, and musicians
  • Phlocking
    • Discussion of venues for the rest of the year
      • New location?
      • New day of the week?
        • Amy T sending out a Survey to PHCF to poll feedback on potential change of week day…

8:38pm Council Meeting Adjourned