Mar 17

March Council of Pheathers

March 20, 2017 (Held at Friendly Confines)

Jeanette Anderson Call to order at 7:04 p.m.

In Attendance:

President- Jeanette Anderson
Vice President- Terry Clark
Secretary- Joan Williams
Treasurer- Amy Buchanan
Membership Officer- Jackie Dorsey
Executive Officer- Amy Walker
Communications Officer- Kari Sheets
Member Advocate- John Williams
Member Guest- Jeff Dubey



Minutes for last meeting submitted by email by Joan Williams.

Motion to accept report made by Amy Walker and seconded by Jeanette Anderson. Motion passed unanimously.


Treasury report submitted by Amy Buchanan.

Tampa and West Palm have been paid for concert tickets. Five or six people still have to pay for the Orlando concert. Tammy Esser was paid for the Manatee Picnic. Save the Manatee received the excess of Tammy’s budget. Amy purchased four deposit books. Joan Williams has credentials to check the accounts. Amy will send $400 of the $500 budgeted pig roast money to Lou Perkins. Jimi Pappas and Charlie DeCosa were paid $200 each.

Motion to accept report made by Jackie Dorsey, seconded by John Williams. Motion passed unanimously.


Jackie Dorsey submitted the Membership report. Jackie was not at the March Phlocking. Megan was not present to report how many were at the March Phlocking. No new members were inducted. March Phlocking has light attendance. Jackie is not sure whether this is due to Music on the Bay. Not that many members attend MOTB. Jackie is sending emails to welcome new members. Some council members are also sending emails to welcome them.

Motion to accept report made by Amy Buchanan and seconded by Amy Walker. Motion passed unanimously.


Megan was absent, so Jeanette announced that the April Phlocking will be held Friday, April 7, 2017. The theme for the Phlocking will be April Fools Day, the musician will be Capt. Josh, the Lucky Stars benefactor will be Osceola Food Banks, and we will sponsor the raffle table to help defray the cost of the leadership conference. Jeanette will make the baskets. Amy Walker has items to donate.

Motion to accept report made by Amy Buchanan, seconded by John Williams. Motion passed unanimously.


Kari Sheets reported that the Key West club had asked for information about the tailgate. Kari sent them information. Mary Libbey is updating the website. The calendar will be updated by Amy Tatum. Joan will send the minutes to Amy Tatum.

Motion to accept report made by Amy Walker, seconded by Amy Buchanan. Motion passed unanimously.


The coffee pots have allegedly been returned to Terry. Jeanette has three club banners. Lou Perkins has three tents that will be needed for the tailgate.

Motion to accept report made by Amy Buchanan, seconded by Amy Walker. Motion passed unanimously.


Amy reported that the IOA Beer Pour will be on April 13, 2017. There will be a parking lot for the volunteers. Some members have been asking what zones they will be assigned to.

Motion to accept report made by Jackie Dorsey, seconded by Kari Sheets. Motion passed unanimously.


John Williams reported that members have requested that the list of Phlocking musicians be posted on the website. Jeanette will get the information from Megan and give to Amy Tatum.

Motion to accept report made by Amy Buchanan, seconded by Amy Walker. Motion passed unanimously.


No report this month.


Amy reported that after discussion by email with a few members, the vote to increase dues was unanimous. 87 people voted. Some members felt that family dues should have been raised $10. New members dues will be $40 for a family and $30 for singles effective April 1 instead of July 1. This is due to the need for tailgate operating money. Amy will send an email to membership officially announcing the dues increase.

Jeff Dubey found a picture of Jim Thomas from the last concert tailgate. Jeff suggested having this picture made into a cardboard cutout to be put by the tailgate stage. Canvas was also suggested. Suggestion was tabled until cost is determined. This will be paid for by donations.

April will be the club’s 25th anniversary. Council suggested changing the April phlocking theme to a birthday party theme. Jeanette will talk to Megan about the change. Discussion was held as to cancellation of the May phlocking due to the tailgate. It is also Cinco de Mayo. This was tabled.

Jeff Dubey reported on the tailgate. From this point on, it will be called a party zone and not a tailgate because no food or beverages will be served. The entertainment has not been decided on. Adrian Sullivan has a verbal agreement with Sunny Jim, John Patti, and a few other musicians for $1,000. We could go in with him at his lot and not sponsor a party zone, or we could go it alone. Council members felt we should go it alone. The committee will be deciding this at the next meeting. Jeff showed the party zone lot chart. A discussion was held as to what to charge for tent spaces. Terry Clark suggested $30. Port a potties were also discussed. Amy Buchanan said that at the last concert six were sufficient and cost roughly $90 a piece. Security was $225 last time. Last time $4,000 was given to the charity and $1,100 was paid to the musicians. The next committee meeting will be Monday, March 27, at 7 p.m. at Friendly Confines.


Amy Tatum had asked for it to be clarified whether all events should be posted to Facebook or just Phlockings. All club member events will be posted to the Facebook page.

A minor league team of the Atlanta Braves called the Fire Frogs would like to have a Parrothead night. Saturday, July 8, was mentioned as a possibility. More information will have to be provided.

Amy Buchanan reported that Back to Nature will be April 23. This was sent in an email. This event is being brought back. Adopt a Villa at Give Kids the World will be June 4 from 10-1. The club will help with landscaping at two villas.

A motion to adjourn was made by Amy Buchanan, seconded by John Williams and passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:12 pm.

Minutes submitted by Joan Williams, Scribe