Jun 15


June Council of Pheathers

June 15, 2015 (Held at Friendly Confines)

Pam Hausle Call to order 7:07pm

In Attendance:
__X_ President- Pam Hausle
__X_ Vice President- Terry Clark
__X_ Secretary- Cindy Cunningham
__X_ Treasurer- Amy Buchanan
__X_ Membership Officer- Jackie Dorsey
__X_ Keeper of the Flock- Jeanett Freeman
__X_ Executive Officer- Norbert Camacho
__X_ Communications Officer- Lou Perkins
__X_ Member Advocate- Joe Diluzio
__X_ Member Advocate – Dave McVeigh
__X_ Member Advocate – Mike Anderson
____ Former President- Jim Thomas
__X_ Guest – Marilyn Rodriguez



Minutes for last meeting submitted by email. Bank accounts will be reviewed by Cindy Cunningham.
Motion to accept report made by Lou and seconded by Jeanette. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasury report submitted by Amy Buchanan.
Motion to accept report made by Lou, seconded by Norbert. Motion passed unanimously.

Jackie Dorsey submitted the Membership report. Jackie reported there were 82 at the June Phlocking, with 5 new members inducted.
Jackie also stated that there are lots of Hangy Thingys that need to be distributed.
Motion to accept report made by Cindy and seconded by Jeanette. Motion passed unanimously.

Jeanette announced that the July Phlocking will be rescheduled to July 10 due to the Fourth of July holiday. The theme for the Phlocking will be “A Day at the Beach”, the musician will be the Highway One band, the Lucky Stars benefactor will be the Russell Home and Marti Hahn will sponsor the raffle table for the benefit of Breathe Easy.
Jeanette also expressed congratulations for the prior month’s successful Raffle and Lucky Stars.
Motion to accept report made by Amy, seconded by Jackie. Motion passed unanimously.

Lou Perkins reported problems with being locked out of the Web. He is waiting for Norton to resolve the problems.
Lou also reported that the forms software needs to be renewed. He will have the bill sent to the treasurer.
Motion to accept report made by Amy, seconded by Norbert. Motion passed unanimously.

Terry Clark announced that over 50 people have signed up for the July picnic. The musician for the event will be Freddy from FishLips. Terry informed us that Space Coast will not be participating due to conflicts, but it was still ok for us to continue with our plans. Terry asked Pam to get him the banner.
Motion to accept report made by Amy and seconded by Jackie. Motion passed unanimously.

Executive Officer had nothing to report.

Member Advocate had nothing to report.

Pam Hausle announced that Lisa put out a flyer for the Juvenile Arthritis conference. She also informed the council that Charlie DeCosa will be at the Christmas party and reminded everyone of the upcoming leadership conference in August.
Motion to accept report made by __________ and seconded by ___________. Motion passed unanimously.


Amy and Jeanette presented revised Virgin scavenger hunt lists that have been pared down. The two lists will be alternated at the Phlockings, beginning in July.


A suggestion was made to have PHCF purchase a GKTW paver for Juergan, like they did for Steve White, at a cost of $200. A motion was made to donate $50 to the Cancer Center in his name instead. Jeanette seconded and the motion passed.

A discussion was made to purchase advertising for FITA at the MOTM convention. The prices were $125 for a full page color, $100 full page B&W, and $50 ½ page B&W. Pam will look into the possibility of getting a ½ page color. Lou suggested keeping the status quo of $50 for a ½ page B&W.

Mike Anderson suggested we hold a PHCF event at a Sanford River Rats baseball game. After some discussion, it was decided that Dave McCaughley will select a game and it will be put on and email for those who wish to attend.

A motion to adjourn was made by Amy, seconded by Terry and passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Minutes submitted by Cindy Cunningham, Scribe