Jun 14

June Council of Pheathers

June 16, 2014 (Held at Friendly Confines WP )

Pam Hausle Call to order 7:08

Submitted by Jackie Dorsey Secretary

In Attendance:

President Pam Hausle

President of Vice Bruce Broulik

Secretary Jackie Dorsey

Membership Occifer Amy Clark

Keeper of the Phlock Jeanette Freeman

Communications Occifer Shawn Goos

Executive Occifer: Norbert Comacho

Member Advocate Terry Clark (proxy for Suzanne Templin, treasurer)

Member Advocate Joe Deluzio

Past President Jim “JT”Thomas

Cabana Boy Rich Hausle





Jackie Dorsey reports she submitted minutes for approval and reviewed the bank accounts.  Jim “JT” Thomas  made the motion to accept the report and, Bruce Broulik seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

………………………………..Paused to order food……………………………


Terry Clark is serving as Suzanne’s Proxy. Suzanne Templin’s report submitted via Email.

Jim Thomas made the motion to accept the report and, Joe Diluzio seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.



Amy reports 120 people were at the last phlocking. There were five members inducted. Amy notes she was able to get all the T-shirts and badges handed out to all those in need. Amy notes she still needs to order lanyards. Amy stated that the last phlocking was a huge success and she complimented Jeanette on her fine musical selection. A motion to accept the report was made by Shawn Goos and it was seconded by Jackie Dorsey and the motion was approved unanimously.



Jeanette Freeman announced the next PHlocking location would be July 11th at Friendly Confines and our own Captain Josh will be playing. The theme with be patriot. The Burks will be collecting lucky stars for the Russell home lots of ranch required. The raffle table will be run by Jackie to benefit Chaplain Robert Ousley from ORMC.

Bruce asked about August Phlocking since a large number of members will be a the volleyball tournament for the weekend. Pam will call Friendly confines to see if available, Jeanette will email the Chillers and both will report back at July’s council meeting. Hope to be able to change to the 8th.

A motion was made by Bruce to accept the report it was seconded by Amy Buchannan. Motion was passed unanimously.



Shawn Goos reports we need to pay Elbow Space fees. This is the program we use to charge to PayPal. Jackie asked if anybody knows about Google Apps. They have a paid email service but might be worth paying to improve over poor MailChimp service. Shawn stated he will investigate. Rich asked about posting the thankyou letters to the website as well as Facebook trophy case. Everybody agreed that would be nice.

A motion was made by Amy Clark  to accept the report it was seconded by Bruce. Motion was passed unanimously



No report



Norbert Camacho not in attendence



Joe Diluzio nothing to report

Terry asked about Xmas party and if Charlie Decosa will be playing again. Jeanette and Jackie said planning will start soon.


Moved to old bidness



Service Directory:

  1. Pam spoke to lawyer her recommendation is that we place a disclaimer.
  2. Shawn will investigate if there will be an increase in cost from website provider.
  3. Plan to charge a nominal fee and have funds go to an emergency fund.
  4. Jim Thomas made a motion to create a service directory on our website charging a nominal fee ($10 per ad/year) with a disclaimer. Amy seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Back to Nature:

Pam emailed about starting up again but got no reply at that time.



Pam states her interim report is due and she needs the volunteer hours.

Pam asked about the Regional Leaders meeting. Jeanette, Jackie, Mike and Marti plan to go. Pam states her and Rich plan to go also.

Joe Deluzio asked for $300 to host the pre Meeting of the Minds party. There is $300 in the budget. Amy made a motion to increase by $100, Jeanette seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Joe also asked about hosting the club party in Key West during MOTM. He plans to co-host with Sheena, Donna Allen and Linda Albine. This topic was tabled until more details could be obtained.

Dr. Jim Burk requested the $150 that was budgeted for the volleyball tournament.

A motion to adjourn made by Jackie Dorsey and it was seconded by Shawn Goos. The motion was approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38