Jun 18

Event: Council of Pheathers Meeting – June

Date: June 8th, 2018

6:43pm: Council Meeting Call to Order

  • Absentees: Gregg & Suzanne Templin (Barbara Dee Proxy)
  • Member Advocates: Rich Stawick, Dave McVeigh
  • Club Visitors: Soyna Bayne, Gary Einstein, Tammy & Chuck Esser

8:05pm: Meeting Adjourned


  • Submitted final notes for April/May on May 30th, 2018
  • Reviewed checking account on June 5th, 2018
  • Megan is going to be out of town for the first two weeks of July (Unable to attend Phlocking and Meeting Meetings)
    • If Barb is available she will be Megan’s proxy for July
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Ray
    • Dave

Treasurer/Keeper of the Booty

  • Debbie sent report via email
  • Some reimbursements are needed and have been submitted
    • Megan/Amy need to submit an official budget request form to Debbie for the Christmas Party
  • Lisa would like her name transferred out of the Paypal accounts
    • Amy is handling
  • Motions to Accept
    • Megan
    • Ray

Membership Occifer (Open – Amy Filling Position)

  • June PHlocking Attendance: 45 Attendees
    • Debbie Howard: $5 Door Winner
    • No Virgins
    • New Member joined during the PHlocking
  • Total Membership
    • 227 Members
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Ray
    • Debbie

Keeper of the Phlock

  • July Phlocking 2018
    • Date: July 6th, 2018
    • Entertainment: Jimi Pappas
    • Theme: July the 4th (Independence Day)
    • Raffle Table/Lucky Stars:
      • Raffle: Proposing for Brevard County Resources
      • Lucky Stars: OPEN (Needs a Volunteer)
    • Venue confirmed (Friendly Confines)
  • Megan O. wants to take September 7th table
  • Megan/Amy created a new Mailchimp Template to be used for the Phlocking
    • Needs to link to Amy’s larger post for lucky stars since the Mailchimp should be just the first couple of bullets
  • Motions to Accept
    • Dave
    • Terry

Communications Occifers/Coconut Telegraphers

  • Special Chair Raffle – Amy can do a website post
  • Amy T will start publicizing the Kayak picnic
  • Trying to post on the page every couple Days
  • Discussing the difference between the PHCF Group & PHCF Page
  • Need some governance on the MailChimp account
    • Going to update the password
      • User:
        • Meg
        • Ray
        • Amy C
        • Amy T
      • Elbowspace Amy is the only person that has credentials
      • Motions to Accept:
        • Megan
        • Ray

Executive Occifer

  • No report
  • Still holding Kayak & Bicycles

Vice President

  • Barbara Dee for Suzanne: No report

Member Advocates

  • Update about Cal Hitchcock
    • Discussing ways to help out the family or donate to GKTW
  • N/A – all good


  • Next Council Meeting: Friday the 13th – Cecil’s
  • Leadership Conference
    • August 4th – folks need to sign up
  • Florida Hospital Watermelon 5K (Amy Chairing)
    • July 4th – Wednesday
    • 5am – 9:30am
      • Need a few more volunteers
    • Halfway through the year! Amy congratulated and thanked everyone for participating and working hard!
    • Motion to Accept
      • Ray
      • Terry

Old Bidness

  • Adopt a Creek: June 9th
  • Adopt a Latitude: June 24th
  • Adopt a Shore Chair Update:
    • Rick and Susan Turner New Chair Parrots for this event
  • Christmas Party Update!!! Kudos to Gary for helping us pool resources and narrow down selections
    • Deer Run Country Club (Megan O/Amy Clark Chair)
      • December 8th, Casselberry
    • Musician: Teddy Villarreal
    • Still doing:
      • Gift exchanges
      • Toys for Tots (Need Volunteer for this)
        • *Tammy will see if any of these toys go to Hope House and she will collect & bring
      • Dessert Contest
    • Santa Claus Confirmed
      • Same person
    • Ticket Prices: $20 Per Person
    • Cash Bar
    • Sonya agreed to volunteer for the check in
    • **Need to research hotels in the area**
    • Discuss no passing around tip jar
  • Special Raffle(s) Update
    • Chair Winner (Megan originally – did a spot auction and Lou & Pat will own it) /Total Net Proceeds Raised for PHCF: $431.00
  • Kayak Picnic
    • July 14th, 2018 (Megan’s Birthday)

New Bidness

  • Hope Helps, Inc. (812 Eyrie Dr. Oviedo, Fl, 32765)
    • Hope House Kids of Hope Back to School Bash
      • August 4th
        • Packing backpacks for kids
      • Christmas in the City
        • December 15th
          • Toy Giveaway

8:11pm Council Meeting Adjourned