Jul 14

July Council of Pheathers

July 21, 2014 (Held at Friendly Confines Orange Ave)

Pam Hausle Call to order 7:34

Submitted by Jackie Dorsey Secretary

In Attendance:

President Pam Hausle

President of Vice Bruce Broulik

Secretary Jackie Dorsey

Treasurer Suzanne Templin

Membership Occifer Amy Clark

Keeper of the Phlock Jeanette Freeman

Communications Occifer Shawn Goos

Executive Occifer: Norbert Camacho

Member Advocate Terry Clark

Member Advocate Joe Deluzio

Past President Jim “JT”Thomas

Mary Lubrano





Minutes for last meeting submitted via email. With the exception of one edit, the minutes were approved. Bank accounts were reviewed. A motion to accept the report was made by Bruce Broulik and seconded by Jeanette Freeman. The motion passed unanimously.



Suzanne Templin’s submitted her report.

Shawn Goos made the motion to accept the report and Amy Clark seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.



Amy reports 67 people were at the last phlocking. There were three new members inducted.  A motion to accept the report was made by Jackie Dorsey and it was seconded by Norbert Camacho and the motion was approved unanimously.



Jeanette Freeman announced the next PHlocking location would be August 8th at Friendly Confines Jason Webb of the Caribbean Chillers will be our musician. Karen Chapel will be collecting school supplies for lucky stars for Devereux Florida Orlando. The raffle table will be run by Jackie and Jeanette for the Christmas party. (This was subsequently change to donate to Club member Gina Smail to support her after sthe unexpected loss of her husband Jamie). The group discussed a theme for the Phlocking. The decision was made to have the theme be back to school asking people to show support for your favorite team.

A motion was made by Amy Clark to accept the report it was seconded by Suzanne Templin. Motion was passed unanimously.



Shawn Goos reports he couldn’t find information on google apps. Shawn was able to add a page to the website therefore we can proceed with the yellow pages. Shawn also announced the website, hosted by Go Daddy, is paid for the next 3 year. Elbowspace is also renewed.

A motion was made by Jeanette  to accept the report I by t was seconded by Bruce. Motion was passed unanimously



Bruce announced he would be passing the Give Kids the World pool party on to Lisa Gallego. Bruce noted that his budget is short and new leis will need to be bought. Amy made a motion to increase the GKTW budget by $50 it was seconded by Norbert and passed unanimously.

Jeanette made a motion to accept Bruce’s report, it was seconded by Amy and passed unanimously.



Norbert Camacho asked where the coffee pots were, Amy said she had them. Jackie has the water coolers. Most of the club’s items are accounted for at this time.

A motion to accept the report was made by Jeanette and seconded by Shawn then passed unanimously.




Joe Diluzio nothing to report

Terry had no issues to report. The beach clean-up was a huge success and Jackie was the winner of the Lei with the most interesting trash.




Joe reports he will not be able to host a club party in Key West because the place he is staying will not allow.

Jeanette and Jackie offered their Sunday Brunch as a club party.



The idea to arrange for a separate checking account for FITA was put before the board. Different options were discussed.  Suzanne made a motion to open a separate account at Regions for FITA it was seconded by Shawn and passed unanimously.

Margaritaville will again be offering free merchandise to clubs and we will once again use this at FITA.

Pam stated she and Rich will help where they can with FITA but will not have time to be on the committee.

Christmas Party:

Jeanette and Jackie have found the community center at Lake of the Woods in Fern Park for the Christmas party. They will be looking for help for planning in the near future. It will be December 6th and Charlie DeCosa will once again be playing.


A motion to adjourn made by Shawn Goos and it was seconded by Bruce Broulik. The motion was approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:31