Jul 18

Event: Council of Pheathers Meeting

Date: July 13th, 2018

Meeting Call to Order:  a few minutes after 6:30pm

  • Absentees: Megan Oberlin, Amy Tatum
  • Member Advocates: Rich Stawick, Dave McVeigh, Gregg Templin
  • Club Visitors: N/A

Meeting Adjourn:  7:57pm

Secretary / Scribe:  (Proxy: Barbara Dee)

  • Submitted June Meeting Minutes on June 8, 2018
  • TBD on Wells Fargo Account verification
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Terry Clark
    • Ray Wortley

Treasurer / Keeper of the Booty:

  • Submitted July Report on July 9, 2018
  • Discussion/clarification of financial standing – balance somewhat less than Treasury Report currently reflects, but PHCF projected to have sufficient funding throughout remaining of year
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Gregg Templin
    • Terry Clark

Membership Officer / Keeper of the Names:

  • Submitted July Report on July 13, 2018
  • Total: 285 Members
    • 4 New Members in June
  • 49 Members in Attendance at July PHlocking
    • $5.00 Attendance Prize Winner: Betty Grant
    • Virgin Inductions: N/A
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Barbara Dee
    • Suzanne Templin

Keeper of the PHlock:

  • August PHlocking
    • Date: August 3rd
    • Entertainment: Capt’n Josh
    • Theme: Back to School
    • Raffle Table: Sea Oat Planting
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Debbie Belew
    • Dave McVeigh

Communications Officer / Coconut Telegrapher:  (Proxy: Gregg Templin)

  • Submitted July Report on July 20, 2018
  • Started rotation of information club posts
  • Photos are on FB, but Amy needs volunteer to help organize the photos, remove the old links, and create new albums for future viewing, reference, and additions. Our page now has 94 followers.  Posts from MailChimp are now simultaneously syncing with FB posts
  • Google Licensing Purchase – includes required policy/procedure changes – Amy needs reimbursement
    • Suzanne Templin motioned (and Debbie Belew seconded) to add this cost into Budget
  • Word Press Licensing Renewal – Amy needs reimbursement
  • Online Merchandise Store set to open/become available on August 1st – there will be NO cost to PHCF – Chuck and Tammy Esser will traffic all orders to their website and facilitate shipping/delivery of products – initial products will include T-Shirts and Hats
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Dave McVeigh
    • Ray Wortley

Executive Officer:

  • Club Inventory remains in the same standing from June 2018
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Barbara Dee
    • Suzanne Templin

Vice President / President of Vice:

  • No Report

Member Advocates:

  • No Report


  • PHiP Newsletter Contest – Amy to submit August Newsletter
  • PHiP Interim Report due by July 31st – coordinating with Ray to ensure current/up to date Parrot Point information
  • Alzheimer’s Association – Amy still working to develop relationship and future collaborations
  • Track Shack – PHCF has officially been added to the 2018-2019 participation of calendar events – many opportunities for future volunteering, terrific exposure potential, and excellent source of additional income
  • More kudos to Communication Officer for continuing to excel at technology improvements – club feedback has been very positive
  • Council Meeting Venue – membership discussion about the current location and should it be moved – as of now, all Officer are in agreement to continue venue, day of month, and time as it stands throughout the duration of 2018
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Terry Clark
    • Ray Wortley

Old Business:

  • Adopt-a-Creek – 8 Attendees – another to come soon
  • Adopt-a-Latitude – 17 Attendees – Amy C to work more closely with Chair to increase participation
  • Annual Summer Kayak Picnic – collaboration with Space Coast PHC going very well – 120 RSVP’s – Ray Wortley did live promotional interview about event (and PHCF website) with Radio Margaritaville – Terry Clark (Chair) requests $400.00 reimbursement to cover costs of event

New Business:

  • Cal Hitchcock – Amy C to contact GKTW to obtain pricing and information regarding purchase of memory stone
    • Suzanne Templin motioned (and Debbie Belew seconded) for $75.00 PHCF donation
  • Annual Fall Family Picnic – Amy C to contact Tom and Michelle Czapleski (Chairs) about event details including potential cost reimbursement request