Jan 16

* Pam, Jeanette, Jackie, Amy, Terry, Lou, Megan
Excused Absent:
* Cindy Cunningham – Out Sick.

Start Time:
* 7:16am

* Amy to email Cindy Cunningham and have them amended and resent – 1/18
o Lou motioned to accept amended minutes to be provided by secretary
o Terry seconds
* All in favor
* Jackie motioned, Marty seconded to accept Amy’s report
o All were in favor
* Amy motioned to accept Jackie’s report, Terry seconded
o All were in favor

Amy Report:
* Signature card for regions requires Amy and Lisa Schott to sign in person to enforce the new president
o Old signature card will still apply until amended
* Nothing noteworthy on the accounts
* Money is good
* IRS 990 form to be updated/amended this month
o A few addresses are needed
* Pay Sunbiz for registration renewal
* Agreed upon changes to the budget were made
* Paypal uses an assessment fee
* Budget for FITA
o Sticking with original triangle card readers

Jackie Report
* -110 people
* Individual email renewal reminders will be sent out after FITA
* 2 people were inducted during January’s PHlocking

Megan (Jeanette)
* Need everyone to be using the meganoberlin@gmail.com email, please 🙂
* Jeanette is doing the raffle table and lucky stars
* Jeanette will send the band confirmation to Megan/Lou