Feb 18

Event: Council of Pheathers Meeting – February

Date: February 9th, 2018

6:44pm Council Meeting Call to Order

  • Absentees: Suzanne (Bruce Sheets Proxy)
  • Member Advocates: N/A
  • Club Visitors: Joe DiLuzio, Michael Belew

9:00pm Meeting Adjourned – Couldn’t complete Treasurer Report due to venue time constraint


  • Sent out December notes on Jan 10th – team accepts with the addendum that I will add the list of names for Honorary Members
    • Updated during council meeting & sent back to the group
    • Megan to send Amy T the Jan notes for the website
  • Amy will show Megan how to check the accounts
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Kari
    • Debbi

Treasurer/Keeper of the Booty

  • Debbie sent out her report prior to the meeting so we were able to discuss many of the items discussed in the email
  • We are basically breaking even except for the items listed in the Budget Report for 2018.
    • Virgin drinks
    • Musicians $75/month
    • Raffle $50/month for reimbursement
    • Administrative
    • Unable to accept report, budget discussion had just started and we needed to leave as the venue closes at 9pm.
    • Need to know about the Theft Insurance Policy also – When was it paid last? How much was it? When is it due again?

Membership Occifer

  • Total: 177 members (Adults & Keets)
    • Trying to obtain renewals – we are down 186 (we had 363 (adults & keets) at the end of the year 17’)
      • Jackie has been emailing folks individually and a few people mentioned that they weren’t renewing
    • Jackie is making a motion that all the complimentary/honorary members should be just considered “honorary members” so then that list does not vote
      • Kari Seconds the Motion
        • All in favor
      • 60 Attendees at the January 2018
        • Sonya Bayne $5 door prize
      • No inductions at the last Phlocking
      • Motion:
        • Megan
        • Ray

Keeper of the Phlock

  • March Phlocking 2018
    • Date: March 2nd **TBD with email follow up to come**
      • There was a date conflict with the 9th
    • Entertainment: TBD (Can Bill play on the 2nd?)
    • Theme: St. Patty’s Day
    • Raffle Table/Lucky Stars: Erica & Open
      • BASE CAMP – Megan Oberlin – Facing it Together
      • Lucky Stars – Ray Wortley – Second Harvest Food Bank
    • Ray will probably grab the next few months of the tables without reimbursement
    • Proposing a raffle or two that goes directly to the club throughout the year
    • Ray had an idea of bringing a basket or two to Music on the Bay
    • Motions to Accept
      • Jackie
      • Kari

Communications Occifers/Coconut Telegraphers

  • The website is in much better shape!!
    • It has been upgraded and organized and is being
  • Updating the thank you notes
  • Amy sent out a list of updates for everyone to look at
  • Kari said she continues to receive questions about the tailgate this year
    • There is no tailgate
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Ray
    • Terri

Executive Occifer

  • Terri will have two kayaks for use to the manatee picnic
  • Had a meeting with Margaritaville (MRO) resorts to discuss sponsorships
    • They don’t have a lot of facilities at the moment but they offered up a little Cabana area that we could hold a meeting or a social. There is a grill, tiki bar, tables and chairs, and it is all closed in.
    • They said if we hold a meeting/social out there & Margaritaville would provide the drinks!
    • Perhaps we could use this for a pre-Meeting of the Minds party
    • They also said they would donate a fancy Adirondack chair to the club and we could use that for a nice raffle to raise $$ for the general fund for the club.
  • Terri is also working with Travel Country to see if he can have a Kayak donated for a big club raffle
  • Discussions of large raffles coming for various events and how to raise $$ for the general fund
  • Discussions of the club Directory
    • What information would be listed here? Just name & picture?
    • Would we need to keep this hidden behind a login?
  • Boosting Memberships:
    • Overall discussions about how to save costs & also how to generate income
    • Discussion on ensuring that each person can either direct new members to Jackie or be able to take payment for membership immediately
  • Discussions with MRO on future tailgate parties
  • Motion to accept:
    • Megan
    • Jackie

Vice President

  • No report from Bruce

Member Advocates

  • N/A
  • Kari – Announcements
    • There was a concern about the announcements so there will be clarification about when those will be given.
    • We will post a sign when the winners will be drawn


  • Beach Bash June 14th – 16th
  • March 16th Council Meeting – Venue TBD
    • Amy T is going to confirm with the owner of the venue
  • Discussed how to make the bulletin electronic so it can be sent out via email
  • Amy found a sponsor for the bulletin
  • Motions to accept:
    • Megan
    • Ray

Old Bidness

  • Remind chair parrots to send Ray hours asap
  • Megan has to finish the old badges
  • Logo discussion
    • New items – quantities of 24
    • The Logo is ours
    • We just need to check with Chuck in regards to new items so he has right of refusal
  • Pam Hausle’s “This and that email”
    • Ways to increase volunteer hours:
      • Box Tops for education
    • Amy is reviewing some smaller ways to increase volunteer hours
  • IOA 5K Information
    • Megan Oberlin is going to chair
    • Amy heard back from Inez on how to get paid for the Corporate IOA 5K Beer Pour
      • They are willing to pay $20 per person for the Beer Pour
      • $$CHA-CHING$$

New Bidness

  • Feed the Frenzy Program
    • Margaritaville food & swag basket that we used to give away at FITA
    • We need to give them 60 day notice to obtain the information
  • Christmas Party Chair
    • Terry made a motion for chairs to discuss a proposed budget plan to fund the event
  • Fall Picnic Chair
    • This is now open

9:00pm Council Meeting Adjourned (Adjourned by default venue time constraint)