Feb 16

(February) Council of Pheathers
February, 2016 (Held at Friendly Confines)
Jeanette Freeman Call to order 7:17pm
In Attendance:
__X__ President- Jeanette Freeman
__X__ Vice President- Terry Clark
__X__ Secretary- Cindy Cunningham
__X__ Treasurer- Amy Buchanan
__X_ Membership Officer- Jackie Dorsey
____ Keeper of the Phlock- Megan Oberlin
__X__ Executive Officer- Marty Hahn
__X__ Communications Officer- Lou Perkins
____ Member Advocate- Lisa Arent
__X__ Member Advocate – Dave McVeigh
__X__ Member Advocate – Mike Anderson
____ Former President- Jim Thomas
__X__ Member Guest – Lisa Schott



Minutes for last meeting were prepared by Megan Oberlin and submitted by email. Changes were made by Amy Buchanan.  Bank accounts were not reviewed this month.

Minutes for February were submitted by email.  Bank accounts were reviewed by Cindy Cunningham.
Motion to accept report made by Lou and seconded by Amy.  Motion passed unanimously.

Treasury reports were submitted by Amy Buchanan.
Amy reviewed reported that the 990-N was filed for 2015.  Amy also stated she needs the information as to send the January raffle proceeds.
Motion to accept report made by Jackie, seconded by Marty.  Motion passed unanimously.

Jackie submitted the Membership report and stated there were 49 in attendance at the January Phlocking, with 0 new members inducted.

Jackie reported some memberships were renewed during FITA.  Jackie passed around a list of non-renewals to the counsel to review for anyone they might know.  Jackie also reported she needs more laminate sleeves, but needed the customer # to order.  Amy will find the number.
Motion to accept report made by Cindy and seconded by Amy.  Motion passed unanimously.

Mike Anderson reported for Megan, and announced that the March Phlocking will be held Friday, March 4, 2016.  The theme for the Phlocking will be “St. Paddy’s Day”, the musician will be Bill Cochrell, the Lucky Stars benefactor will be Orlando Rescue Mission, and Pam Hausle will sponsor the raffle table for the benefit of “Girls Stand Together”.

Mike also reported that “Charlie” will be moved to October and we still need a musician.
Motion to accept report made by Amy, seconded by Jackie.  Motion passed unanimously.

Lou reported the dinner in support of FITA raised $495.  Lou also reported that the website was up to date, but he needs more content.  Lou also asked for more updated FITA pics.
Motion to accept report made by Amy, seconded by Jackie.  Motion passed unanimously.

Terry reported that Adopt-a-Shore was coming up on 2/21/16.  Terry also stated the announcement for the 7/30 kayaking will come out after the manatee picnic.  Terry announced raffle tickets will be sold for a tandem kayak rental, with the proceeds going to the picnic band.  Terry congratulated everyone who worked on FITA.

Motion to accept report made by Lou and seconded by Amy.  Motion passed unanimously.


Marty reported that she is compiling an inventory list.
Motion to accept report made by Cindy and seconded by Amy. Motion passed unanimously

Lou reported he will create a “Members Advocate” email for membership use.  Lou also commented that FITA registration was well run.
Motion to accept report made by Marty and seconded by Cindy.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to accept report made by _____ and seconded by _____. Motion passed unanimously.

Lisa Schott presented a full report on FITA.  Lisa stated that she was concerned FITA was approaching the $50k cap for receipts to be able to file the 990-N postcard, per tax code section 501(c)(7).  She will explore running it through a third party service next year.

Tammy Esser was inquiring about the budget for the Manatee picnic.  Since Blue Springs no longer charges for the pavilion, she wants to donate that money to Adopt-a-Manatee, along with the boat cruise proceeds.

Teresa/Karen situation – the counsel held a vote to revoke Teresa’s membership, due to behavior not compatible with the organization’s purpose.  Jeanette will discuss the issue with the attorney, Christie, and, pending her opinion, the board voted to revoke.
Terry made a motion to accept the vote, Jackie seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
A motion to adjourn was made by Jackie, seconded by Terry and passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.
Minutes submitted by Cindy Cunningham, Scribe