Feb 15

February Council of Pheathers

February 16, 2015 (Held at Friendly Confines)

Pam Hausle Call to order 7:07pm

In Attendance:

__X__ President- Pam Hausle

__X__ Vice President- Terry Clark

__X__ Secretary- Cindy Cunningham

__X__ Treasurer- Amy Buchanan

__X__ Membership Officer- Jackie Dorsey

__X__ Keeper of the Flock- Jeanett Freeman

__X__ Executive Officer- Norbert Camacho

__X__ Communications Officer- Lou Perkins

__X__ Member Advocate- Joe Diluzio

__X__ Former President- Jim Thomas

__X__ Marilyn Rodriguez

__X__ Rusty Ayers, Member

__X__ Amy Walker, Member

__X__ Jim Van Pelt, Past Pres

__X__ Cale Van Pelt, Member

__X__ Lisa Gallego, Member Advocate

__X__ Edward Arent, Member

__X__ Dave McVeigh, Member Advocate




Minutes for January meeting tabled until revisions are distributed. Bank accounts reviewed by Cindy Cunningham.


Changed budget to add concert tailgate costs of $3,500.

Motion to approve funds made by Jim Thomas, seconded by Jackie Dorsey. Motion passed unanimously.

Report was prepared but subject to change because bank account locked up when someone tried to assess. Report was tabled until next meeting so Amy can sync up with bank.


Jackie Dorsey submitted the Membership report. Jackie reported there were 80 at the February Phlocking, with 8 new members being inducted.

Directory for January included new members from concert that dropped off in 2014.

Motion to accept report made by Jeanette and seconded by Amy B. Motion passed unanimously.


Our keeper is now engaged!

Our next Phlocking is themed St. Patty’s Day. Lucky Stars and Raffle beneficiaries will be Families In Transition. The music will be provided by Schooner.

Jackie stated there were good reviews on Cocoa Beach Boys. Jeanette will try to get them to return in the fall.

Motion to accept report made by Jackie, seconded by Amy B.. Motion passed unanimously.


Lou will revise and update Phlockmail instructions. He is still going to look at bylaws. Lou stated he would like more content for the website. Lou also stated he would like to add a member directory. The Facebook calendar has been updated.

Lou announced that Jimmy Pappas will be at the Last Phriday Supper

Lou also stated he is looking for a 200lb pig

Motion to accept report made by Amy Buchanan, seconded by Norbert. Motion passed unanimously.


Terry announced the last beach clean-up was outstanding with 43 in attendance, many of them new members.

Terry stated that the summer picnic pavilion has been rented for July 18th at Kelly Park East in Merritt Island, a kid friendly park. There will be kayak rentals for $30 per person and there will be 150 of them available. George and Lisa Schott will provide entertainment.

Motion to accept report made by Lou and seconded by Jim Thomas. Motion passed unanimously.


Norbert announced that he was not getting any responses to his requests for inventories. Lou offered to help email those members believed to have inventory.

Motion to accept report made by Amy B. and seconded by Jackie. Motion passed unanimously.


Member Advocate had no report.

A discussion was held on the role of member advocates and how it is being communicated to the members. Amy B. will look for the old email that announced new advocates.


Pam announced Russell Home Bowling Tournament – our team has 8 bowlers. She also announced that the Chili Cook Off will be in Kissimmee this next Saturday.

There will be (2) foursomes going to the Phins Golf Tournament in Jacksonville this July.

Pam announced that Bob Heffelhinger (National Director of Membership) retired. A motion was made by Jim Van Pelt to offer Bob an honorary lifetime membership. A discussion was held and the motion was not seconded or carried.

Motion to accept report made by Amy B. and seconded by Jeanette. Motion passed unanimously.



Jim Thomas made a motion to have (4) membership advocates: Lisa Gallago, Dave McVeigh, Joe Diluzio, and Mike Anderson. Motion was seconded by Jackie and passed unanimously.

Tailgating Chair Amy Buchanan and Co-chair Jeff Dubey announced that the next meeting will be held February 23rd.   Lou to send out email announcement.

Lou, Amy B., Pam and Jeff to review bylaws and will include a member advocate definition.



A discussion was held concerning redefining a quorum in case >50% of the board resigns.

A discussion was held regarding the distinction between the council and executive board. The executive board consists of the officers and the council is made up of council meeting attendees.

A general discussion was held about new inductees not being followed up on and how to engage new members to become involved.

A discussion was held on whether to make the new directory available in hard copies and online.

Terry Clark would like a budget item for beach clean-up refreshments. Lou made a motion to budget up to $40 for refreshment reimbursements. Pam seconded and the motion passed.

A motion to adjourn was made by Jackie, seconded by Jeanette and passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:43 pm.

Minutes submitted by Cindy Cunningham, Scribe