Dec 17

Event: Council of Pheathers Meeting

Date: December 18th, 2017

7:05 Council Meeting Call to Order

Absentees: Jeanette Anderson (Suzanne Templin proxy) Joan Williams (Megan Oberlin stepped into position early)

8:40pm Meeting Adjourned 

Secretary (Now Megan Oberlin, Joan not present)

  • Megan sent November notes for review to the group and one small addendum was suggested
    • That has now been rectified and sent out to the group. Notes are approved and ready to go up on the website.
  • Motions to Accept:
    • Kari
    • Amy second


  • The budget for 2018 is complete – to be shared out in January.
  • Checks have been ordered
  • 2017 Account closed, all checks paid out
  • Open Question (Remains from Nov):
    • Do we still need the FITA account or can we close?
      • Amy Clark to coordinate this
    • Motions to Accept:
      • Suzanne
      • Megan

Membership Occifer

  • No Report
  • No Phlocking in Dec.

 Keeper of the Phlock

  • All bands are still booked
    • One addendum has been made to include Jimi Pappas. Sent this info over to Kari for Amy T. to add to the website
  • Jan Phlocking 2018
    • Date: Jan 5th
    • Entertainment: Bill Cockrell
    • Theme: New Years
    • Raffle Table/Lucky Stars: Ray & Megan
      • Coral Reef – Raffle
      • Lucky Stars – Harbor House
    • Organizing end of the year report documentation for Jeanette
    • Organizing Keeper of the Phlock documentation for Ray


  • Motions to Accept:
    • Amy Clark
    • Amy Walker second


Communications Occifer

  • Amy T. has added the musicians to the front page (aside from the small addendum)
  • Discussion regarding a new web page
    • Needs to be user friendly with more current posts
  • Kari received Kudos for keeping up with communications on FB and being very quick to respond


  • Motions to Accept:
    • Amy Clark
    • Suzanne Second



Executive Occifer

  • All things are now at Terry’s house.
    • A joke was made about how we will never see these items again. 😛
  • Need to determine how to get FITA items back to George and Lisa


  • Motions to Accept:
    • Kari
    • Amy W.



Vice President

  • Thanked everyone for all the hard work that took place in the last several months
  • Gave Kari kudos for great communication on FB
  • Beach Cleanup (on Dec.10th) was fun, come to the next one!


Member Advocates

  • No report



  • No report, it was emailed to the group

Old Bidness

  • Where to keep old notes?
    • TBD for now
  • Where to keep new notes?
    • Website


New Bidness

  • All council meetings now 2nd Friday of the month (except for 3/16/18)
  • We discussed ways to get people more involved this year
  • Retention of members will be a goal of 2018
  • Discussed adding more photos and recaps of events
  • Talked through upcoming affiliation with Margaritaville
  • Discussion around positioning charities to draw in bigger crowds at the Phlocking
  • Parrot Points discussion
    • Reward Opportunities & Sponsorship
    • SWAG
  • Logo Situation
    • Reach out to Chuck to determine if we own the logo
  • Everyone reach out to someone who hasn’t been in a while and see how they are doing!


8:40pm Council Meeting Adjourned (Terry motioned, Amy Clark Adjourned)