Apr 14

April Council of Pheathers

April 19, 2014 (Held at Tibby’s)

Pam Hausle Call to order 7:07

Submitted by Jackie Dorsey Secretary

In Attendance:

President Pam Hausle

Vice President Bruce Broulik

Suzanne Templin Treasurer

Jackie Dorsey Secretary

Membership Occifer Amy Clark

Keeper of the Phlock Jeanette Freeman

Communications Occifer Shawn Goos

Executive Occifer: Norbert Comacho

Member Advocate Terry Clark

Member Advocate Joe Deluzio

Past President Jim “JT” Thomas

Rich Hausle Cabana Boy

Marti Hahn Co-Keeper



Minutes send out for approval, bank reports reviewed. A motion to accept the report was made by Shawn Goos and seconded by Jim Thomas then passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s report and budget were submitted. Suzanne also submitted a few thank you letters. Shawn inquired about the funds earmarked for the poker tournament. It was stated that last year the money was donated to Russell Home. Jackie Dorsey made the motion to accept the report and, Amy Clark seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


Amy reports 82 people were at the last phlocking. There were Three (3) inductions.  Amy submitted membership report. Amy stated that she needs to order t-shirts and plans to order more along with lanyards. A motion to accept the report was made by Jim “JT” Thomas and it was seconded by Jeanette Freeman and the motion was approved unanimously.


Jeanette Freeman announced the next PHlocking location would be Friendly Confines and Jimi Pappas will be playing. Marti Hahn will run the raffle table with the charity is the CF foundation. Lucky Stars on behalf of the Beta Center. It was decided the “theme” of the May phlocking would be national Cinco de Mayo even though Jackie wanted Kentucky Derby. A discussion about the Mailchimp® issue was started. Shawn will pursue solutions to the problem. A motion was made by Jim “JT” Thomas to accept the report it was seconded by Jackie Dorsey. Motion was passed unanimously.


Shawn Goos reports the 2013 service hours are now up to date on the website. A motion was made by Jim “JT” Thomas to accept the report it was seconded by Bruce Broulik. Motion was passed unanimously.


Bruce reports 14 people attended the GKTW pool party. A motion to accept the report was made by Amy Clark and it was seconded by Jim Thomas and the motion was approved unanimously


Norbert Camacho not present.


Joe Diluzio no complaints

Terry Clark : no complaints but wanted to note that 11 people came to the beach cleanup.

A motion to accept the report was made by Jackie Dorsey and it was seconded by Amy Clark and the motion was approved unanimously


Pam asked about getting more business cards to pass out at events. She also asked about club banners as she would like to hang them at PHlokings.

A motion was made by Jeanette Freeman to accept the report it was seconded by Jim Thomas. Motion was passed unanimously.


Phlocking location:

Big hit for club members as well as friendly confines loving the club. A discussion of finally finding a home took place. Some members still want us to check out STP however at this time Friendly confines meets most of our needs.

A motion was made to make friendly confines the new PHloking location by Jim Thomas it was seconded by Suzanne Templin and passed unanimously.



Shawn asked about excess funds in the bank and the need to redistribute them. The group discussed continuing to monitor and act if necessary.

Bruce discussed how rewarding yet expensive the basket making was. Suzanne made a motion to raise the allocation for the baskets to $75 a month, It was seconded by Bruce and passed with a resounding ARRGG!

A motion to adjourn made by Amy Clark  and it was seconded by Shawn Goos. The motion was approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:41